Short B&W surrealist film
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The Eye and the Fly is a video advert (for what, I don't really know) that I think is very well done. On first viewing, it immediately reminded me of Zbig Rybczynski's classic short, Tango, which has been linked on MeFi before.
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What do rolling papers have to do with "electro fashion" and a rave?
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wishes he could wear a fedora without looking like a dork...
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odinsdream: thanks, I thought I was the only one who was thinking "that should be Christopher Walken, but it isn't."

also, the music should be by Fat Boy Slim.
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Also, here's Green Day's take on the second link.
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There was a Drew Carey Show opening that did the Tango thing. No YouTube joy, though.
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Zbig is a friend, and I would describe his drive and intelligence as nothing less than a force of nature.

Two anecdotes he shared regarding Tango:

When Tango was nominated for an Academy Award, he doubted he could get a visa to attend. He went into the US Embassy to inquire, and they said "Academy Award?," you must become a US citizen, and you must leave now. With the clothes on his back, and without retuning home, he was flown immediately to the US, and the paperwork to bring his wife was completed later.

At the awards ceremony, where he did win, he wore a tux with converse sneakers. Having received his statuette, he left it on his seat and popped out a side door to have a smoke. When he tried to return, security did not believe he belonged due to the sneakers. He got rather angry with them, and was taken to jail. He spent the night in jail, his Oscar having been left unattended on the seat. He was able to retrieve the Oscar the next day, luckily.
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Terrific, StickyCarpet. Thanks! I own his three dvd set. It's excellent.
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