It is important to know that a blob of taffy flying through the air goes "fweeee!"
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Jane Espenson is a tv writer you might have heard of if you've been watching few science fiction and related genre shows in recent years. For awhile now she's been answering questions about script writing from readers of her blog and gracing the blogosphere with her insights into the craft of writing a good story for tv and movies. Today she announced that she's taking a break from advice blogging because she's running out of new ideas for topics to cover.
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The Buffy episodes written by Jane Espenson have been some of my favorite.
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This is great. Thank you.
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Oh and it didn't fit in the FPP since it has nothing to do with writing, but I think this is a great anecdote.
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Well, if she's finished, she ought to wrap it all up into a book. Which I would happily buy.
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She is great, and this is a lovely post, and you are a lovely person for making it.
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Excellent post. I love her writing and her use of "Pierce Brosnanany". Say it! It's fun!
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oh Jane! She's a friend of a friend of a ..cohort. She's kind of amazing and has been invovled in most of the things I love. Her blog has been really good for me in graphic novel writing. So, take a break! You'll be just as awesome afterwards.
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What is it about screenwriter bloggers and cataloguing their meals? William Martel at Sex in a Submarine does this often and I'll never get it. I've always loved the screenwriting blogs because it made me feel like they've covered everything and I don't need to add to the discourse, saving me from what would surely be a huge time suck. Josh Friedman's blog isn't active anymore, but the archives are there and he writes about being a writer, not so much about advice and tips and such. Some priceless, slice-of-Hollywood stuff. Full disclosure: he's a friend.
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Josh Friedman's blog is a fun read. Mostly for the crazily exaggerated storytelling involved. It's better than most screenplays.
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