Elluminate vs. Adobe Connect
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Elluminate VRoom vs. Adobe Connect: Which Online Meeting tool is better? My college is reviewing Elluminate's VRoom and Adobe's Connect. Have you used them, and do you have a preference?

Issues: some participants have dialup, presenters and/or participants may not have high computer literacy, cost is very much an issue, but we have some leeway. Specifically, How does Adobe Connect do over dialup? Are there gaping flaws in either product that we haven't uncovered yet?
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And, if you have a need for a 3-seat web-conference room, Elluminate has it for free.
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My Mom doesn't know how to use the internet either.
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Also, you appear to want Ask MetaFilter for this.
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I think this goes in Ask.
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The first person to make a "YOUR MOM" joke gets the flat of my hand, and no mistake.
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2 in one day, odd.
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