Meet the future stars of Palestinian radio
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Radio Lajee is one lone Aussie woman in the Aida refugee camp in the West Bank, teaching young Palestinians how to podcast and share their stories with the world. The project's been going for a little over six weeks, but already there's four episode up on the site; all of them in English. These include a story about the beginning of the Camp, a day in the life of a 14 year old Palestinian girl, a celebration of the traditional dance style of Dabke and a cooking segment by future celebrity chef, Amal Abu Srour.
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Nice one, the transcripts on the website are extra helpful for things like the recipe and just getting the details of what people are saying.
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How cool! I especially love the cooking stuff - I hope she keeps that going regularly.
This is a great pr resource, as well - I'm working on a project with Aida camp right now - it's located right up against the apartheid wall and in a fairly built-up area in Bethlehem. Wi'Am, a fantastic organization in the West Bank, is interested in building a new youth center there. There are two interesting facets to this project. First, they want to build a youth center and a large playground facility directly up against the wall (which is unheard of). Secondly, this youth center will actually be on the edge of the camp and the edge of the bordering (wealthy) Palestinian neighborhood. So for the first time there will be shared play-space for both refugee children and Bethlemite children. It will work to bridge the divide between the refugees and the original Palestinians by encouraging their kids to connect with one another. Hopefully, it will work to convince more "native" Bethlemites of the importance of the right to return.
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Thanks for this - I really enjoyed the cooking one, and the history of the camp one.
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