Hey, Podo! Let's put on a show!
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Dean and Company have been making "family-friendly TV" on local cable in Birmingham, Alabama for thirty years or so. Now they have a deeply weird and annoying website. Caution: do not visit The Time Warp. You have been warned. (Flash, intensely painful audio, forced jocularity, creepy family photographs, howlingly bad original music and choreography. May contain homemade hand puppets and Jean Harlow's stand-in.)
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this broke my firefox and the ambient sounds keep playing despite firefox having been restarted!
posted by Phantomx at 1:53 PM on December 18, 2008

Sorry. It works fine in Safari.
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Yep, that's really, really bad.
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By the bleeding of my eyes,
Something wretched this way flies.
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That's a BIG WHAT THE !??
I must say, ODD! Very ODD!
CReepy too! My Goodness!
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Wow. Did anyone get to the "videos" section? They seem like nice people but the website is just so damn goth. What's up with that creepy ragdoll corpse you have to use to get explanations for stuff.

So weird.
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hey, any site wherin visitors get to use photos of the proprietor's infant children for target practice has got to be great!
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Is it me, or does "The Time Warp" have a leaderboard of how long people could stand watching the video?

I'll be honest, that is genius.
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Whoa. Just, whoa.
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Watching Dean and Company is a Christmas tradition 'round here. My favorite moment (if I can call it that) was when Podo met Arnold Schwarzenegger a few years back (4:02.)
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I wanted to make it long to get my name up on the leaderboard for watching the Time Warp video. It was painful, but I did it: Leaderboard capture

I'm William Buttlicker (The Office anyone?).
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Wow. Just wow.

I'm not sure to be happy or sad we didn't get Dean & Co. down in LA*

*That's Lower Alabama, not that other LA
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