Pipe Cleaner Pixels
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Artist Devorah Sperber works with "low-tech pixels": maptacks, marker caps, chenille stems, flower-power stickers, and spools of thread. via
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Oh man, that vw bus kills me.
posted by cortex at 2:18 PM on December 24, 2008

I love these pointilliste works - great find!
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Hrm, I like the concept A LOT, but the actual works... leave me with a taste of "meh."
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This is really cool stuff! I liked the bus myself. It must look very neat when you approach it from a distance in the gallery, like a bus mirage.
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low-tech pixels

...also known as mosaics.

The bus is pretty cool. Kinda plays with your perception of space—because there's a solid object there, but there isn't.
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My wife and I did a similar sort of artwork with bottle caps glued to our old Honda.

See Photos here

I laid out templates in Photoshop for the sections of the car and plotted designs. Ours are pretty simple compared to Devorah Sperber's though.
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I liked the rug reflected onto a polished cylinder.
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The reflection in the cylinder is brilliant
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