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Spreading the word without filling a single person's pocket. Nice!
INDEPENDENTS DAY is a worldwide event celebrating independent content and design on the web. It's supported by an informal network of designers, artists, writers, editors, developers, and producers who create content primarily to enrich the web rather than their bank accounts.
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a text only reboot?
posted by stevengarrity at 4:31 PM on May 17, 2001

for some other indy-online publishing info & events, also check out Webzine 2001. This year we are having conferences in NYC and SF.
posted by th3ph17 at 5:06 PM on May 17, 2001

Nah Zeldman & friends are running the show, this'll be successful.

I kinda wonder (given his sense of humor) inviting all us egomaniacs to join was why he's got a giant "ID" (like in the freudian term) on the page...

Hope it works out... I'm already making a fortune selling larger sized banners of the site to other designers. :0)

- gOdOfMiScHiEf -
posted by EricBrooksDotCom at 5:09 PM on May 17, 2001

There is something on that site that is making my browser (IE 6.0) really slow. Esp. on the page that explains what ID is. While scrolling the page moves very slowly, and when I went back to the main page I saw some weird letter by letter loading. I checked to see if the problem was on my end, but here I am posting in this window, and it works fine.

Great concept though.
posted by riffola at 7:48 PM on May 17, 2001

I too experienced the odd pixel-by-pixel drawing of the text (or box?) and general slowness in IE5.5 Win. Made me hit the back button, though I am a fan of Z's work.
posted by droob at 9:19 PM on May 17, 2001

There is something on that site that is making my browser (IE 6.0) really slow.

It's the fact that the background doesn't scroll. This forces the browser to redraw the whole page on each scroll, instead of just redrawing the newly-revealed bit.
posted by kindall at 10:13 PM on May 17, 2001

Thanks kindall, that explains it. :)
posted by riffola at 10:18 PM on May 17, 2001

it might be the 4x4 semi-transparent background that used to underlie the content area. that background-image was used so that if the visitor had a small monitor and the content area laid on top of the ID logo, the logo would be screened back and the text would still be legible.

in my testing on mac and windows there was no problem.

around 5 a.m. today i got reports of the problem and replaced the 4x4 gif with one that's 40x40 and does the same thing.

i *think* that should solve the scrolling performance issues in some versions of IE and some versions of windows. if you have experienced this problem earlier when viewing the site, and will empty your cache, try again, and let us know, we'd be grateful.

i *hope* attachment-fixed backgrounds do not make IE5.5/6/win crawl. they really shouldn't. they've been around for years (since CSS-1), been supported since IE4, and have always worked well in the browsers i have access to (including Netscape 4, which mispositions them and ignores the fixed attachement but is not HARMED by them and has no problems with scrolling or text display as a result of their use).
posted by Zeldman at 5:36 AM on May 18, 2001

Much better now (ie5.5 win2000).
posted by Mick at 5:40 AM on May 18, 2001

Enough with the bugs! Yeah for Independents Day.... Kudos to sooz, Carole and Jeffrey.
posted by heather at 7:29 AM on May 18, 2001

"around 5 a.m. today "

Heavens, man, don't you ever sleep?!

posted by metrocake at 8:04 AM on May 18, 2001

:) i slept from midnight 'til 5 a.m. i feel so refreshed!
posted by Zeldman at 8:42 AM on May 18, 2001

text only reboot?

someone didn't do their homework.

posted by jcterminal at 10:05 AM on May 18, 2001


My question remains, what is this? The description on the site is (intentionally?) ambiguous. I am an independent content producer. I'm all for promoting independent content producers. But what does that entail?
posted by stevengarrity at 12:13 PM on May 18, 2001

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