People doing strange things with electricity
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Dorkbot is a "monthly meeting of artists (sound/image/movement/whatever), designers, engineers, students, scientists, and other interested parties who are involved in the creative use of electricity." Started in NYC in 2000 by Douglas Repetto, Director of Research at the Columbia University Computer Music Center as well as one of Wired's 10 Sexiest Geeks, there are now dozens all over the world. Past presenters have been featured here on the blue. For instance Jeff Han presented his multi-touch interface at dorkbot-nyc in April of 2006. Miru Kim presented her naked city spleen at dorkbot-nyc in October of 2006. Bummed that there's not one in your own city? Start your own!

The NYC meetings (first Wednesday of the month) are very casual and draw an eclectic range of presenters. A great mix of software and hardware mixed with various artistic influences. Would love to hear how they are run in other cities if anyone's been.
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I do love Dorkbot and did a little demo there in March 2001... also very interested to hear about other cities.
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Seattle's is a bit slow but sometimes someone has some pretty neat stuff.
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Dorkbot's great -- I keep on meaning to go downtown to see it in NYC. One thing -- the NYC Dorkbots are on the first Wednesday of the month, not Tuesday.
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I actually already have a tab open to "Start your own" but I doubt my ruralish area could support it. But maybe I could start one at work, which probably could.
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IMPORTANT CORRECTION: DORKBOTS NYC meets on the first *wednesday* -- not tuesday -- of every month.

From someone who knows.
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Oh, and I see suedehead already corrected the meeting time. Maybe we can get a Mod to do it on the FPP?
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Yes indeed, the NYC meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month. I've notified the mods. Sorry about that guys. I knew this. When I recently upgraded my Ubuntu (Intrepid Ibex!) all of my calendar entries got converted to UTC time. This is the first official casualty.
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Dorkbot DFW here. The group just got started earlier this year.
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I've been to two in Austin, both were great times.
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Hi from DorkbotPDX!

We do twice-monthly meetings. I first joined a little more than a year ago, and what a great way to learn about electronics and microcontrollers. Every meeting there's beautiful art and electronic projects.

Next meeting is next Monday!
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Hi from Dorkbot-SF!

The organizer's recovering from surgery, & there's no set venue or date. I try to archive recordings, but my expectations are confounded, especially with regards to actually, well, editing & posting them.
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By "no set venue or date," I mean "we're always looking for locations."

And by the magic act of typing that here, I've had an insight into something utterly amazingly blatantly obvious, & I'm going to mail loquacious now.
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Have any mefites inquired about starting their own dorkbot and gotten some evidence that someone actually reads those emails? If there´s a different person to contact now I would appreciate it if someone would memail me.
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DORKBOT SEATTLE: the last few meetings included "Evil Santa Workshop" making mutated toys for Santarchy, and "Electric music machines," with DIY motorized music makers playing themselves. On youtube!

DorkbotSea/Santarchy mutant xmas toys

DorkbotSea Electric Music: fingernails/chalkboard device
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To yohko and anyone else trying to find info about starting a dorkbot -- please email me at [douglas at music columbia edu] and/or [douglas at dorkbot org].

It's super easy to start your own dorkbot, you just need a few people, a space, and some things you're excited to talk about!
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[chagrined] I should probably have less of a hang-up about sending people a second email if I don´t hear back. Yeah. That would be good.
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There's a Dorkbot-SF tomorrow. Gigapixel panoramas are involved.

I think this post is unjustly ignored, due to closeness to New Year Eve.
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