My Day Yesterday
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My Day Yesterday. A Flickr set of short (under 90 seconds) videos which describe... a person's day. The instructions, as outlined by Garrett Murray, who started the group with this video: "Shoot video throughout a day in your life, then put it together and upload it the next day. Don't add any music or sound effects, just use what the camera recorded." Some favourites: Delphine Gilbert in Cordoba, Dean Allen in France, and Piotr/presentday in Florence.
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Okay I bought a flip cam a month or two ago and last weekend I was thinking of what it would take to walk around all day recording everything so that I could squeeze it down to a five minute fast forwarded clip. The flip cam only records for around 45 minutes at a time, so I would have to carry around my macbook and upload the videos every time the thing died. I would also have to create some sort of shirt that could house the camera and hide the red record button so that I could walk around freely.

This idea will be filed into the "already accomplished better than how you imagined" category. I'd like to make one of these instead. They are great.
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I am so jealous of Dean Allen's frenchy web developing life with dogs.

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Your favorite day sucks.
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I liked these. Or some of them. A lot of people have macs. Oddly enough my favorite parts seem to be the food shots, the laptop/keyboard shots and snippets of other people. Some people's video is so jumpy it's nauseating, and some have latched on to that idea that you have to have 40 jump cuts a second - which is also dizzying.

If it ever gets really popular, a great next step would be that all the videos are done the same day, and you have to meet up with one other person doing it sometime throughout that day.
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I did this, but 27 straight shots of a grown man weeping softly in the corner -- even when lit from different angles -- didn't seem all that compelling.
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These are cool, even if people on flickr apparently do nothing all day but commute while using iphones.
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Here, milquetoast, watch this one-- November 4th, election day for an Obama supporter. It made me happy, at least.

What I love about these is just the ordinariness of everyone's day. The cats, checking websites, going to work, watching TV. There's something incredibly comforting about it all.
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Very cool. There are all sorts of opportunity for funny. A day in the life of Ron Jeremy. Anyone?
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Some of these are great. Others really made me wish you could browse Flickr pools by "interestingness". Others made me wonder how people who videotape themselves browsing "web 2.0" sites all day somehow still fail to tag their flickr uploads.
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I would do one of these, but you have to a be a European smoking mac user who works in web development.
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how do you even try to compress a day of wanking and e-mail checking into 90 seconds?
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Here's a nice shortcut to the best: all videos tagged mydayyesterday, sorted by interestingness

I was meaning to do one of these when I got a better camera and I finally got a nice HD one. I should try this next week for a day.
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Mine would involve taking a dump, shaving, sitting at a desk, working out, eating dinner and going to bed.
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something dull x 100 ≠ something interesting.
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Meh. I can show an entire week in Muncie in under 90 seconds.
Actually, it would be a single still frame repeated over and over and over...
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I liked these. Thanks. They are oddly affecting.
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These are freaking awesome! Seems like a hell of a lot of people spend their day in front of a computer, though, which seems kind of sad to me.
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Yes, tres bon/ hatin Dean Allen.
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Heeey I want to see what you people's days are like.
I propose that mefites make these and post links in this thread.
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I found most pretty boring (even/especially Dean in France), but the project is a great idea. Things like this will gradually raise the video-competency of lots of people, helping them to learn that moving pictures is a language they can speak as normal people leading normal lives.
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I'd do one Monday, but I'm afraid OSHA would fine me. It'd also be pretty boring, unless you like watching people nail up crown. Well, actually, we'll be nailing up some very heavy seven inch crown in a room with a 20 foot ceiling. Good chance I could fall off the ladder. It might not be boring after all.
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I wish I had the software to do this. Not that my life is particularly interesting, but the idea of a cool project... For some reason my third-hand Mac doesn't have iMovie... I'll have to find a way.
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Seems like a hell of a lot of people spend their day in front of a computer, though, which seems kind of sad to me.

Alright, I'll throw it out there. On an average day, I'm not talking about your cool weekend trip or your errands day or what have you -- how many of you are not spending at least 50% of your time in front of a computer? 60? 70%?
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how many of you are not spending at least 50% of your time in front of a computer?

Not me. But MF does make an appearance.
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The thing about spending time in front of a computer is that it's easy to record. It's harder to film answering phone calls or having meetings and such, which is what most office-bound people are doing all day in addition to sitting in front of a computer. (Here is me. Supremely boring, except for the hunter screams...)
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