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An Israeli strike near a UNRWA school has caused a media uproar and UN condemnation. Israeli soldiers say there were returning fire at terrorists launching mortars from inside. Similar tactics by the Palestinians have been documented in the past, and terrorists have been known to occupy high-ranking positions in the UN schools. In the ongoing war in Gaza, Israel has tried to direct greater attention to such occurrences and how they contribute to civilian casulaties, in part through a Youtube channel (where it met with partial censorship) and a Twitter feed.
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I appreciate the post, but do we really need 3 Israel vs. Palestine threads going on at once?
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Great post, really, but we're neck-deep in this a few threads down.
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This post is part of a wider campaign to bisect MetaFilter into three parts, thus providing increased opportunities for snark. However, flamewars will become the inevitable collateral damage of this conflict on the Blue enclave, and war may spread to neighbouring MetaTalk.
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The IDF pr machine isn't going to be able to spin its way out of this one. No amount of weaseling around with youtube and twitter is going to bring those kids back to life.
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oh god, another I/P thread

/me takes cover
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In civilized countries police, not soldiers, deal with terrorists.
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I greatly appreciate the post despite the israeli/palestine overload.

Here's my half-baked theory on what needs to happen:

Palestinian rappers.

Really popular ones. Ones all the little Isreali kids want to be like. They'll grow up with a seeming idolatry of Palestinians and therefore become post-racial. Then again they'll then classify all Palestianians as terrorist rappers... That wouldn't work.

I feel like this was the start of joke I didn't know what to do with.

... Good post though.
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