The Last Dirt Farmer.
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A Loft Filled with Dirt, the Man Who's Cared for it for 19 Years is a short film about Bill Dilworth, who has maintained Walter De Maria's installation, The New York Earth Room for the past 19 years. One of three "Earth Room" pieces De Maria made in the 1960's and 70's, the NY project is the only one still in existence.
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Photography of the Earth Room is not permitted. It is a work of art intended to be experienced.

You fail at documentary filmmaking, WNYC. Pix or it didn't happen.
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That said, this seems like a pretty cool installation, and I'd never heard of it before, so thanks, R. Mutt.
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oo thanks :B i actually took a clod of dirt from there on one visit but don't tell him >.>
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De Maria also created Lightning Field, which is a huge grid of metal poles set in a grid on a large piece of land in New Mexico. I would really love to see it in action one day.
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I consider myself to be pretty artsy-fartsy, but I just don't get this one. Maybe you have to live in the city to understand.
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Yeah, must be a deep-city thing. Strange to think dirt is a novelty item for some.
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I like it! This is true art in my book.

It's not the dirt, it's the context.
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It's a lovely thing. When I lived in NYC I used to visit it pretty often and just stand there and take in the dirt. It smells nice. It's a lot of dirt. It looks slightly different every time you're there and I'm very glad it is still there, especially given all the trouble surrounding Dia for the last few years.
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Strange to think dirt is a novelty item for some.

From the third link:

Total weight of sculpture: 280,000 lbs. (127,300 kilos)

That's a fucking lot of dirt.
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This is why art is weird. I don't get this installation at all, but I still think it's really cool.
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One of my favorite places in the city, The Earth Room.

And yeah, I think you do have to be a deep-city person to really dig it. ahem

I'd been living here about a year when I heard about it and made the time to find the loft and go. Having grown up in the rural midwest, the smell of dirt wasn't something I thought I would ever miss, but the minute I walked into the loft, even before I rounded the corner and saw the dirt, I was just overwhelmed by it And, too, the absence of that smell in my life since coming to the city was made suddenly clear. Which sounds strange, I know, but ... dirt. DIRT! Lots of it, slightly moist ... it's a very specific, evocative smell.

I've spent time there now and again ever since. Usually have my eyes closed most of the visit.
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OK I need to know,,,can one walk on it? Or is that part of the Art of it?
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In Kansas they have an exhibit consisting of a room filled with with graffiti, winos, and dogshit.
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Art is so weird sometimes. But minervous' account made me realize that a picture does not do it justice.
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can one walk on it?

No way.
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Walk on art? What, are you crazy?
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What about the micro-organisms in the "dirt"? Or has it been sterilized? People often call soil "dirt" but it is full of living things. The biomass of organisms in the top layer of soil in a field is greater than the mass of a herd of cows grazing in the field. So this could be a micro-zoo as well as art.
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Bill Dilworth is a good friend of my parents. He's a really nice and terrific fellow. They bought a couple of his paintings and they're hanging up in the living room, and are pretty nice. He seems much more subdued and wise-old-man-ish in this movie than I know him in person. Super funny guy.
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I would like to see this go up for auction at Sotheby's, and be transported and installed at someone's Zurich estate.
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Yeah, must be a deep-city thing. Strange to think dirt is a novelty item for some.

I'm from NC and a few years ago I was at an aircraft museum in San Diego. They have a little box of sand from Kitty Hawk, and I couldn't wait to tell everybody back home about it. They all laughed.
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I can't believe I wasted my time watching half of this video. How irrelevant.
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Mud Wrasslin' in the Earth Room! Yes!
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Look, Bobby! I found some dirt!
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Cool fact: Walter De Maria was the drummer in the Primitives, a precursor to the Velvet Underground that included both Lou Reed and John Cale. The fourth member of the group was the minimalist composer/avant-garde filmmaker Tony Conrad.
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Oh man, I was just writing a post about this today and found that you'd done this two days earlier. Hooray. This New York Times article has some fun pull quotes about it.
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It smells great and it feels alive and humid and the sound (or muffling of city noise) really makes you feel different when you're in there.
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