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2009 U.S. government wall calendar pdfs! We already hit the counterterrorism calendar, so let's look at the wall calendar pdfs for Biosecurity for Birds, Invasive Plants, Invasive Species, and Private Lands. We've got funky green and blue monochrome. There's a brief one from the CDC and one that overdoes it a tad from NOAA. Finally, one from the International Space Station and my favorite, the Overseas Security Advisory Council's A-OK Kids Safety Calendar (2.6 megs). A preview of March's drawing by 3rd grader Roxane Kokka with someone impaled on a tree will make sure you always ware your seat belt.
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The CDC's "A Year of Good Health for Men" 2009 calendar comes from their Office of Women's Health.

This is amusing.
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Fun post. The cover image on the invasive species calendar is scary.
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Is there any relation to the Deliberately Inaccurate 2009 Calendar?
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That NOAA calendar is Microsoft Publishertastic.
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That NOAA calendar is Microsoft Publishertastic.

And 3 gigs!
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