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Hochbetrieb [Nuts & Bolts] is a 2003 short from Germany that utilizes live actors and computer-generated effects in tribute to influences ranging from silent comedies to Charles Ebbetts' images of construction crews atop the GE Building, along with a cat & mouse cartoon from MGM guest-starring a baby and a Warner Brothers piece about an amphibian.
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I clicked play before I noticed the thumbnail showed the men cavorting and pratfalling up there. My hands and feet tingle and sweat just looking at them sitting still, I would probably go into cardiac arrest watching them in motion.
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DU -- You'll go into cardiac arrest from the sheer laffs! No, really, this film is a sheer pleasure, a real loving homage to the Harold Lloyd and the Hal Roach crew. Let me point out, however, that when Lloyd and Laurel and Hardy did it, they were actually on top of high buildings (with safety nets below, of course, but still...)
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