Intense Hatred? For Software??
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My wife manages the money and accounts in our family. She uses Intuit Quicken 2006 and has an intense hatred for the application. I have been a professional software developer for nearly 30 years and I have never seen such an intense hatred for an application.

The angst comes mostly from the requirements of the upgrade of the software. I have never heard such screaming hatred from my wife for anything as I have for this software. She wants to use anything but this product. There are lists of like applications, but no one application is reviewed as being better, more user friendly, and more usable.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: this is a weird half-post half GYOB situation and while we're not *against* first person posts, they have a tendency to not quite be the right thing for here. -- jessamyn

Is there a brown area of Metafilter for posts that are a little bit blue, little bit green?
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Hmm, seems like this would be an excellent entry on your own blog my friend.
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If blue, this needs a point. If green, it needs a question mark.

It's kinda teal. Angry teal.
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This post is wrong for MetaFilter.
And wrong for America.

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Also: yeah, Quicken really really sucks. Kthx.
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Wow, that site is... something else. It has that peculiar mix of crazy design and crazy rambling unique only to actual mental cases (Time Cube being the best known example, and that "Pamela Anderson" FPP from a day or two ago was some boring art student trying to emulate it).

Has there ever been any sort of academic study on why crazy people's websites all look like that? Seriously, it's more than just "disorganized", it's like they're all following the same template.
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that are a little bit blue, little bit green?

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Bummer. I was just working on a FPP about how much my grandmother hates Microsoft. Better hold it until tomorrow.
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I have a feeling that if this topic is deleted there will be a class-action suit.
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Aside from that he has a point. Another example: You own BOTH Photoshop and Acrobat (full, not reader) which were purchased seperately. You purchase an upgrade from Photoshop to CS Suite. The Acrobat is now redundant, since CS Suite comes with it. Can you transfer the Acrobat to another computer without violating EULA?
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