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Abandoned Amusement Parks in Asia - 1, 2, 3
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Wow... the one with the young lady miming the girl's death by the roller coaster was a bit... tasteless... however, by and large these were fascinating.

We've got at least one abandoned park here in New Orleans (what was once Six Flags Over New Orleans, née Jazzland)... makes me wonder how viable sneaking in there would be.
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bookwo3107 - I'd be interested to see that.
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Some pictures of Geauga Lake in Aurora, OH, which closed in 2007.
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That duck statue in the China section, the one pointing at his garishly wide-open, reddened mouth, is missing the cartoon word balloon that used to hang over his head. It read, "I WILL CONSUME YOUR SOUL, FEEBLE CHILD."
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More US abandoned amusement parks: Standing But Not Operating.
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Clown train breaks my heart, again.
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THE largest abandoned amusement park.
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For a while the Wikipedia entry on amusement parks featured this photo of a sad car at an abandoned park.

Also, Chippewa Lake (which is not in Asia) has been posted to the blue before.
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Now THAT is spooky.

Clown train link is blocked BTW.
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Clown Train link blocks referrers. Paste into your address bar:
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"From thriller to dangerous..."

I picture the Daily Mail writer getting a pat on the back from some British equivalent of J. Jonah Jameson who tells him "Good work".
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Clowntrain will haunt my dreams, like a weird clown-headed giant spine worm thing.
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Joe Beese - Are you saying that's Bad?
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I hope my prior comment, re: duck, wasn't interpreted as snarky, this really is an awesome link.

A web search turned up the Wikipedia list of defunct amusement parks. Surprisingly, most of them have their own pages. Common themes appear to be enchanted forests (super passe), aging kids' entertainment franchises (Land of Oz, Hanna-Barbera Land), adjunct to corporate interest (Busch Gardens), and the plain-out misguided (Autoworld of Flint, Michigan, Heritage U.S.A.).

That reminds me, the surprisingly excellent documentary of Tammy Faye Baker, The Eyes of Tammy-Faye, has a short walkthrough of shuttered Heritage U.S.A. as it slides into ruin.

Man, is there anything in this world more melancholy than a dead theme park? The reclaiming teeth of Nature is unmoved by our hulking metal whimsies.
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Related, including this abandoned Chinese theme park in Florida.
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Abandoned theme parks: the perfect metaphor for abandoned hope.
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Shame there's nothing from the recently closed bizarro Disneyland, Nara Dreamland. Though there's a few behind-the-fence shots on flickr, it looks like.
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See also: flickr groups:
Decaying Amusement and Theme Parks
Amusement Park Decay

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There was a tattoo thread on a forum I belong to, and one guy posted this:

Apparently, it's the name of an abandoned theme park him and his brother found when they were kids.
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And to think I wondered why nobody ever posts pictures. Here we go.
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STALKER II: Shadow Over Neverland
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Aw geeze, I just found out Americana's closed, from the "Standing but not Operating" page above (Southwest Ohio, anybody?) I remember the kids at school used to talk about that place and how great it was. I never went there, but just the thought that I could have gone to a now abandoned amusement park is giving me the willies.

After reading this trip report on the park from 1998, I can't imagine why the place ever closed...
"A word of advice for riding the Rock-O...most of the seat belts (for lack of a better term) on Americana's Rock-O are either disconnected or very loose. As a rider, you can spare yourself considerable discomfort by insuring that the strap is snugly attached to the lap bar. This way, when inverted, you will be held in place by the 3" wide fabric strap rather than the 3/4" diameter metal bar."
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Wow, more like amazement parks! I think a few us should get together and shoot a zombie movie at one of these ruins.
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Mister_A, that is such an awesome idea that if someone seriously tries to put that together, I will go to wherever the location might be and help after I graduate in June, if I can scrap together enough money for food and someone lets me sleep on their couch or floor. I never had a post-undergrad adventure, and helping to make a Metafilter abandoned theme park zombie movie would be fucking amazing.
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I love abandoned amusement parks. I love exploring them and I love risking lockjaw with every step across a collapsed roller coaster platform. I also love meeting up with people in the park who have the same idea I do (go explore the stuff); I less like meeting up with people there just to grab whatever they can take.

At the risk of being called out for the self-linking, here are Flickr photosets of local amusement parks I've visited several times:

Mountain Park, Holyoke, MA (visited fall 1998 and now completely burnt to the ground and bulldozed to nothing)
New York World's Fair Sites, Flushing Meadows (visited December 2006)
Lincoln Park, Dartmouth, MA (visited summer 2008 and at risk of being bulldozed to nothing)
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When I was younger, my family was looking for an advertised waterslide while travelling through South Carolina. We eventually found the address, and started driving through a mostly empty development with a large hotel missing outside walls and generally abandoned. We found the dried up waterslide in the middle, and a central building that seemed to still have some shops and activity. We drove around some more, and when we saw the large satellite dishes next to a building, my father said "Oh... this is Heritage USA." Oddly enough, we were already planning to go see the Eyes of Tammy Faye that evening at a local indie theater.

Who would have thought that years later good ol' Jim Bakker would set up shop in my very own hometown of Branson, Missouri to try again.
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A few seconds on flickr brought this up: Which effectively kills my enthusiasm for trying to get into Jazzland. Great shots here though.
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The OP's photographer's website is good for all sorts of alien abroad urban adventureering.
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"Temporarily" closed in 2001 and permanently shuttered in 2005, Disney's River Country may have been the first themed water park. It now sits eerily abandoned.
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