In the Two Rooms with black curtains near the station...
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Metafilter's Back Monday Flash Fun: Two Rooms is a logic game where you trigger switches to move barriers out of your way.

The twist? There are two rooms where you switch between "cursors" to activate the switches. There is a good in game tutorial. Have fun.
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Well that got complicated fast. Managed to finish all 30 levels with a total score of 638.4. It's a neat little game.
posted by oulipian at 9:00 PM on January 26, 2009

I don't know why I spent all that time...beat it with 673.1, and 97 (!) restarts.

This also suffers from Calling Things Humorous Which May Not Necessarily Be syndrome. Nice sketches, but humorous? The jury's out.
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I haven't actually played it, but I have been listening to the soundtrack looping for ~30 minutes
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I haven't made it through many levels, since this cold I've got is making it hard to think straight, but this looks good.
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Nice. Reminds me of Threesome (only more intricate).
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Music is taken from Castle Crashers (you can download the soundtrack for free from that link). It's Creative Commons.
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Cool. I've made it through half the levels, and have been procrastinating too long as it is! This game is a great time-waster.
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They really need to add some symbols on the walls/switches or more distinct colors for those of us who are colorblind. Otherwise this is the good stuff. It's not impossible but I'm squinting for 10 seconds at the start of each level.
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Took me a while but I managed to get through the 30 levels. Love these logic games.
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