Ady Endre
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Works of Hungarian poet Endre Ady in English translation, and excellent readings and musical settings in Hungarian (particularly those by Latinovits).

There's much more to read and listen at the linked sites, but today is a good day for a tribute to Ady. One more particularly lovely reading. The text.
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See also. Endry Ady (1877-1919) is the "father of Hungarian poetry".
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A couple quick reads that are pretty good:

The Lost Rider

Life Terrifies Me

In Front Of Good Prince Silence
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i love it when poets get thier faces on currency.
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I find Hungarian poetry difficult to follow in Hungarian, and so I have a tendency to not really bother . . . and lots of great Hungarian poets are poorly translated (or untranslated) into English. So thanks for this post!
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Man, you do not want to get on his bad side! Fun stuff.
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I was just hunting for hungarian poetry...thanks!
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