Now a Major Motion Picture, Starring Ernie Hudson
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The "I Can Read Movies" Series is a set of fake film novelizations, done in 1950's and 1960's illustration style. [via]
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I love this.
posted by Joe Beese at 4:30 PM on January 30, 2009

In case his site gets bogged down by traffic, the set is on Flickr here. It is, unfortunately, not a discrete set, but it's still fun.
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What is it about '60s graphic design that makes it so unique? Because these are awesome.
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These are awesome. I really hope he continues the series; it's *perfect*.
posted by mediareport at 4:53 PM on January 30, 2009

Just the covers of these fake publications. Dude is an artist and illustrator, as far as I can tell, not a writer as well.
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Really cool. The "Temple of Doom" one, I'm pretty sure there's an edition of The Book of Skulls that looks a lot like that.
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This is amazing, and whoever made them has an excellent eye for design. There's basically nothing in these that gives them away as fakes (except our knowledge of the movies, etc.) It's so good, I wonder if they're based on original covers from the 60s.
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Beautiful and inspiring.
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Great find. Thanks for this.
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Wow, very cool. I'd like to see some movie posters like this.
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Heh. Ghostbusters. "Don't cross the streams." Well played.
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Hah! Note-perfect. I really wasn't expecting much but could actually smell the pulp.
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Possibly inspired by the movie-books are these video game book covers. I think my favorite is Metal Gear Solid.
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Like Max said of Mrs. Hart, these are "gorgeous (growl)"
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Brilliant, so well executed.
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These are awesome.
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really great, thanks for posting!
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Great post, bad tags - if only because it's similar to a post from today and yet none of the tags are the same.
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I got the point in the other thread where you called out my tags, crossoverman. Fixing it.
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