So good you could eat them;
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Gingerbread Houses are the embodiment of Caribbean architecture, though many are now threatened. Enjoy this wonderful photoset from Roseau, capital of the tiny island of Dominica; and this exquisite set of Boissiere House in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Then there is this little gem in Martinique.
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Can anybody enlighten me as to the technique used in the drawings from the "little gem" link? Is it pen and ink or some form of etching? They look like they're drawn from photos but I like the stylized plants and the overall feel.
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Paradise. Want. *sigh
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doc - "Gravure tirée à partir d'encres de chine" = Engraving from china ink
I take that to mean that it's a drypoint etching rolled with china (india) ink.
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Oh...I am so in love with the Boissiere house. Gods, that's just wonderful. I love this style. I know a lot of people think it's too fussy, and it would look silly pretty much anywhere but where the style is, but oh it's so perfect on the beaches.
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