Dem inna the groove and dem is moving (Obama!).
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In the months leading up to the 2008 US presidential elections, quite a few pro-obama songs made the rounds of Youtube. Reggae great Cocoa Tea gives us the sorely-needed reggae perspective.
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I sometimes wish it could be October 2008 forever, too.
posted by Slap Factory at 7:37 PM on February 3, 2009

This stuff has shown up before on MeFi; I know I included some links in this AskMe answer, and my hazy memory suggests that someone might have turned some of those into an FPP at some point.

And at this point, seriously old news, isn't it?
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Steel Pulse beat them to the punch with the marvelous "Vote Barack." Loves me some Cocoa Tea too though, so thank you!
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probama probono
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Mr. Lif - Obama.
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Remember Inauguration night?
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I just don't remember this many songs when GWB got elected.
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Still my favorite (the comments attracted some hate though... maybe because white men didn't get a shoutout)
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I actually rather liked this one.

I liked it enough to buy it, even.
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More Barack room ballads:

From Kenya: Obama be thy name

Cumbia de Obama by Fosforo

Mariachis in big hats say Viva Obama

Excellent blog post with several older Presidential campaign songs, including "Click With Dick" [Nixon] and the one accusing Martin van Buren of Satanism.
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We Believe in Barack Obama by The Hush Sound
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I've heard at least 4-5 different Reggae songs about Obama. I am jealous of this man.
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When I read "sorely needed ... perspective" I thought this was going to be a cleverly straight-faced satirical reggae song about how horrified he was Obama won and how much he misses Geroge W. Bush.
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Why am i not surprised there's no country songs about Obama? But wouldn't one be hilarious ... somehow?
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Hey, I have a friend named Joe "Country" Greenidge. Joe's from Grenada -- where country music is big. He wrote a country song about Barack during the election. It's called "He Is The One," and you can check it out on CDBaby here. (Audio link is on the left, mid page)

Maybe it's a Caribbean thing rather than a reggae thing.
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