NFL Realignment.
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NFL Realignment. Seattle returns home. North and South finally get representation after being discrimated against for years by East, West, and Central. And of course, plenty of work for designers and coders to integrate new graphics and site changes. Yippee!
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typos bad. sorry.
posted by lescour at 2:14 PM on May 22, 2001

the AFC North just isn't the same as AFC Central. sigh. on a more relevant note I think the changes are awesome: they really bring back the geographical rivalries into divisions. less jet lag for my Steelers, yeah!
posted by wantwit at 2:32 PM on May 22, 2001

Houston Texans??!?!?!
posted by donkeysuck at 2:38 PM on May 22, 2001

They should have been called the "Houston Big Oil Republican Contributors"
posted by msacheson at 2:45 PM on May 22, 2001

Compare this to the geographical realignment (it's at the bottom of the page, scroll down, you know how).

I came up with a realignment based on team names and semantics, but it has not received rave reviews. Rather, people usually want to realign my realignment. Then again, that's semantics for you.

(Speaking of team names, when the Houston Oilers moved, my suggestion for renaming was the "Tennesse Valley Authority". I thought that there would be opportunities for great "well, the dam really held that time, John" comments in reference to the offensive line. Alas, it was not to be.)
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I am so happy the NFC East remains intact while booting pesky Arizona out. Now the Skins can proceed to spank the Cowgirls, Feebles, and Midgets without interruption.

September is so far away.
posted by owillis at 2:52 PM on May 22, 2001

Yeah, the Skins did real well this year. You sure proved yourselves to be able to put it all together in clutch time. The Feebles? Super Bowl Bound. The Redskins? Last dance before Marty, Bruce, and the rest of the SeniorNFL go into retirement. Maybe they can all find work teaching Dexter Manley to read. Scary when Deion Sanders is proving himself to be intelligent by knowing when to get the hell out of Dodge.
posted by whoshotwho at 2:55 PM on May 22, 2001

How is Dallas still in the East?
Phooey. Oh, well, at least we're back to the Black & Blue Division.
posted by mimi at 3:06 PM on May 22, 2001

Okay this is just friggin weird.

As a Saints fan, I'm used to my Falcons, Niners and Rams. The Panthers were an interesting addition, but since they stocked their roster with so many Saints players and coaches, it felt like a second team.

I can't imagine the NFL breaking those 4 (5 with Carolina) up, but they did. Wow. It's a whole new and strange world...
posted by fooljay at 11:53 PM on May 24, 2001

You'd have a riot in Philadelphia if you took out Dallas from the NFC East. Dallas doesn't care about Philadelphia, but the Eagles fans sure do care about kickin cowgirl tail.

I witnessed a suicide attempt at an Eagles vs. Dallas game, some guy was walking around the 700 level (top of the stadium) wearing a Dallas Jersey. He was promptly jumped by 3 drunks and beatin the hell out of. I noticed the "security" remove only the Dallas fan. Keeps us secure from the Dallas cowgirl's fans.

It is my god given right to throw a snowball at Jimmy Johnson and boo Santa Claus.

posted by andryeevna at 12:16 AM on May 25, 2001

You're making me homesick. Go Philly!
posted by roboto at 2:55 AM on May 25, 2001

I'll be the first to admit the Skins choked hard last year. But I'd prefer to cheer for a poor Redskins team than Dallas anytime. Their fans are at about zero on the clue-o-meter. Philly fans are abrasive but at least know what the hell they're talking about. Feebles are going to be good, but they have a first place schedule next year and none of their division games are ever gimmies (except for 'zona), especially against the Skins. Skins will be rid of Peon, and the national spotlight with a third place schedule. There's light.

Hail Skins!
posted by owillis at 10:03 AM on May 27, 2001

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