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Khomeini and the revolution A photo-essay. "I have a 30-year-old book of photographs of the revolution by a photographer named Hatami. I thought it would be interesting to reproduce them for the 30th anniversary of the revolution. I paid my nephew Nico $20 to scan the entire book."
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these are amazing
posted by puckish at 8:57 AM on February 12, 2009

Speaking of Iran, any news about Hoder?
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Thanks for the post. For those interested, the BBC just came out with an excellent documentary on the revolution and Iran's relationship with the West. The first episode, "the man who changed the world" is online here.
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Some of the best photographs I've seen from the revolution are by Magnum photographer Abbas. Sadly, that photobook has been out of print for years and years.
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And yeah, this is a very cool set.
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fantastic. thank you for sharing.
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Thanks for this. I don't know why I'm always surprised to see how familiar the cities, towns, and people in these images strike me. (Except that I was raised in an atmosphere where singing "Bomb Iran" and wearing t-shirts of Mickey Mouse giving the Ayatollah the finger were not only the norm, but expected.)
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Amazing book, Uncle Rico.
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I wish they'd translated captions, too.
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Religion and politics aside, Khomeini struck a very iconic figure. Not only does he leap out of every frame he is in, but he looks like an icon even crossing the street.

I love this whole collection.
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The sixth picture (identified as "revhat006.preview") shows someone who looks to be Ahmadinejad himself as one of the men who have linked arms to escort the Ayatollah during a street demonstation.

These are wonderful photos, most depicting brave men most obviously filled with the revolutionary zeal reserved exclusively to the young. It is hard to believe that the events depicted took place thirty years ago. I wonder how many of the young revolutionists are happy about how things turned out.
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A fascinating historical document. Thanks for sharing this link.
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Chunking...Telex Iran is pretty much the only visual knowledge (oh, and Persepolis) I have of Iran during that time. It's one of the best bodies of work I know; so interesting that Peress couldn't find a market for the photos at the time, as evidenced in the telexes. Scored a copy a few years back and can't help but look through it every so often. Such great work.

Really great to see some new photos from the revolution. I could spend a long time looking at these pictures.
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Whoops, looks like I skimmed your comment too quickly, Chunking, thinking you were linking to Telex Iran. Missed the "Abbas" part, I guess...
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Telex Iran is another book I want, but it too is a bitch to find. They both took some great photos of Iran.
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Is this the reason why Republican USA hates France ?
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