We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac . The zodiac is well worth flirting with.
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In 2005, graphic artist Kentaro Nagai was struck by the play on words between peace and piece in relation to global politics. This concept was expanded in an exhibition entitled Twelve Animals, where Nagai rearranged outlines of the world's landmasses into shapes respective of the aspects of the Chinese Zodiac. [via]
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That's great- couldn't get one of them on first pass. Hypnotic.
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one of my favorite art projects of all time played on this:

it was a kids' craft exhibit, with lots of stuff stapled and glued onto construction paper. I guess part of the assignment was to label all the parts? Anyway, there was an arrow pointing to a piece of threaded yarn that said "Peace of thread." Really cute -- and makes you think.
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The Chinese Zodiac?? WAR!!!
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When you put South America on top of Africa, it totally looks like a T-Rex.
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That's pretty sweet.
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DU - Wikipedia says your war is without merit. There's even a site called Chinese Zodiac. Is there a different term for this?

Also: very keen video and stills.
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" A little piece of Poland.. a little piece of France..."

yeah. that geopolitical part struck me too, as awesome.

and the arrangement of continents is quite excellent too.
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awesome, thanks.
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Damn, that is crazy cool.
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As a person living in the Asia Pacific region and to whom the whole Chinese zodiac thing is more normal than Jesus, I find myself terribly amused that the most 'realistic' looking animals that could be made from all the continents of the world are the pig and the cock.
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I'll admit to thinking that at least half of them were The Rat. Hypnotic though, I watched it a few times just trying to see the shapes.
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