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Lull : music video for Andrew Bird by Lisa Barcy. Featuring giant squid. [SLYT]
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Oh lovely lovely lovely.
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I'm a huge Andrew bird fan, but am I missing something or is this a video about a man and a squid who did unspeakable things?
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You say that like it's a bad thing.
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When did they make the freaky babies? When they were dancing behind the curtains of squid tentacles? (Should this be obvious?)

I loved the phone call, when the squid couldn't figure out what to do with the receiver.
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I am a HUGE Andrew Bird fan. I love this song, and the video (by Lisa Barcy is cute enough, but I don't feel like the two went together at all.
That might just be me, though.
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Enough with the tentacle rape.
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Speaking of sea food and Andrew Bird...

One of the epic dates my current (and longtime) girlfriend and I went on early in our dating career was to one of the final Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire shows (at the Hideout in May of 2002). No one knew at the time that Bird was going to end up moving in the direction that he did, and that his band would not be intact a year later. Bowl of Fire was gaining notoriety especially for their incredible live shows and I think a lot of people were very excited to hear what would follow Swimming Hour out of the studio.

Anyway. Before we went, my girlfriend was hungry and decided to reheat some fish tacos she had gotten the night before at the local burrito place. I didn't eat anything, because... well, reheated fish tacos seem like trouble. We got to the show and had a blast, but in the middle of the set (somewhere around "Lull") she disappeared. I wandered out to see what was up but couldn't find her anywhere. After a couple songs, she comes back and says she doesn't feel well but is going to try and stick it out. The band has been joined by Kelly Hogan and they are having raucous fun on stage; the energy is incredible. At the end of "How Indiscreet", my girlfriend leaves again... When she reappears at the close of "Dear Old Greenland" (and the show), she looks me in the eyes and says, "We need to go. I'm going to the car." As much as my girlfriend loves concerts, she is intolerant to a lot of the concert-going atmosphere, especially encores... so I'm not completely convinced of her illness. Still, torn between the party on stage and the love of my life, I decided the compromise would be making my way out slowly enough that I could hear what the finale would be... I've seen Bowl of Fire perform many times, so I can just play it in my head as we drive home. What the universe puts in front (or in back) of me at this point is a song I've never heard before, and one that roars to life from its onset... the rare Fingerling that is "T'N'T". I stretch my exit of the Hideout out to a full minute and a half, feeling terrible about both dragging my feet and not being in that back concert room stomping them. The crowd is ecstatic, the band is steaming forward.

I hop into the car where my girlfriend is sitting, and she apologizes, and I respond by saying 'not to worry about it. it sucks, but it's not any big thing.' It's not any big thing, and that song is bound to be a Bowl of Fire staple for years to come...

On the way home, she pukes in the car.

And of course, I never see the Bowl of Fire perform again as the band and "T'N'T" is shelved in favor of Andrew Bird's astounding solo work.

Moral of the story: don't eat reheated fish tacos. Ever.

I'm pretty sure this was the show.
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I was actually just now inspired enough to write my own song in the style of Andrew Bird.

I interviewed him once, quite a few years ago, just when his second album had come out. He was nice to talk to, but sometimes you start an interview with a question that just bewilders the subject, and it colors the interview from there on out. In this instance, I had been listening to "Rock that Candy Shop," and I couldn't figure out one of the lyrics, so I asked him "Do you sing 'I'm going to set fire to your glamor' or 'I'm going to set fire to your grandma'?"

"Glamor," he said.

"Good," I said. "Because I like my grandma."

"What?" he asked.

"I like my grandma. I wouldn't want anyone to set her on fire."

"I'm not going to set anyone's grandma on fire," he said, bewildered.

I didn't know what to say.

"Good," I said.

The interview never really recovered.
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I caught Andrew Bird at Mike 'n Molly's in Champaign, Illinois a few days before 9/11--a beautiful warm evening in the little courtyard next to the bar. The show astonished me, and I bought The Swimming Hour, listening to it obsessively over the next few days. Unavoidably, "Case in Point"--with its collapsing buildings, pell-mell chaos, and sense of strange disorientation--therefore came to seem like a weirdly predictive soundtrack to that attack, and for some reason still seems that way to me now. Maybe it didn't strike Bird that way, however. I see he was actually playing it on September 20/01. As for me, I'm still stuck trying to figure out who was riding that concept of a horse, and where to.
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Also, on the subject of cephalopod/human love: I'm sure that Lily Carre's "Deep Sea Diving" will make it back into print sooner or later. A perfect and horrible story.
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I'm going to see him on Wednesday (!); this was awesome. Thanks, grapefruitmoon!
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I sincerely apologize to Lisa Barcy for screwing up her name.

If it's any consolation: I've been having hell of short term memory problems lately and had to write a note on my hand yesterday reminding me of the necessity of my own wallet. It's amazing I can remember my *own* name.
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It sucks when you're dating someone, and they suddenly reveal that they're cheating on their spouse...

...and that spouse is Cthulhu.
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Saw him in DC a week or so ago, and it was a wonderful show. I'm a fairly recent convert, but am already a huge fan.
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