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Two examples of community weblogs that revolve around DIY-comix-by-flash-template: Toonlet, where the comments are in comic form, too; and Pixton, which allows for a bit more creative control (but no comix-comments).
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I believe that there are two cats named Toonlet and Pixton in my future.
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I want to like it, but I can't get past the bad art. If you're going to share utterly banal slice-of-life anecdotes of the sort people in Toonlet like, the art has to have some humanity and personality in it to make the human connection that gives the story relevance, and the clipart-quality work there doesn't hack it. Pixton is just kinda' cringeworthy.

This is a weird thing to say, but Microsoft did it better the first time.
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I found that I could bend toonlet to my will decently.
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jessamyn: I found that I could bend toonlet to my will decently.

OMG. That is scary, funny, and AWESOME!
(You are the best girlfriend evar)
[I know, I know, "get a room, you two."]
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Toonlet is proving to be the more fun app to use, by far.
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