Steel yourself, folks
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I don't know if you like reading stories about construction workers bringing smiles to the faces of kids with cancer. If you like that kind of stuff, here's a story like that. You might tear up.
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I do indeed like stories like that.
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Sweet gesture, guys. Well done.
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Ah, fuck, you got me.
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There's an ad that plays in the movie theaters in my area for the Jimmy Fund, about Capco steel guys doing the same thing in Boston.

Here it is.

The little girl kissing the window at 0:38 kills me every time.
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That ad is what immediately came to my mind.
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No honey, I just had a sneeze attack. That's why my eyes are all red.
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Awwwwwwwww, that made my day.
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Talk amongst yourselves....
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I did not come in expecting to be so touched.

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Oh, wow.
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I could really use a high-five right now.
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It didn't get me at first, until I what they were building was a new cancer care center, and that the names of these cancer patients would forever be part of the expanded care facility, for others like them. A pretty cool thing for these guys to do.
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Yup, I lasted about... four seconds... in the face of such overwhelming heartstring-plucking.
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In addition to the Globe's embedded video, there's a slideshow.

Be sure to check out Dana Farber's story about the tradition between Boston Iron Workers Union Local 7 and The Jimmy Fund.

Here's another video.
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Today I had some extra time before work so I dropped by the theater to catch an afternoon movie. I decided on Coraline in 3D. It was just me, my wife and kid were home napping. I took my spot, put on my 3d glasses and settled in.

A dad and his son came up the stairs a little into the previews. They took seats right behind me. As they passed me on the stairs to my right, I noticed there was something funny about the boy's hat. And it clicked when the dad put his hand on the kids head to help guide him down the aisle. The boy's hat, and the hair underneath, slid to the left as one solid piece. I'm no judge of age, but I would guess that he was about six or seven years old.

Anyway, during the movie I heard him doing the little kid thing and asking his dad questions about what was going on onscreen. If you haven't seen the movie it gets kind of scary towards the end. The dad was shushing him. I let him know that the kid wasn't bothering me in the least. So the kid felt emboldened and started talking a blue streak. It was perfectly fine with me. I didn't hear anything that happened during the last ten minutes of the movie. His questions were awesome/charming/hilarious.

And when they got up to leave the dad thanked me for being so understanding. I told him it was nothing. The two walked out of the theater holding hands. I hope he was going home and not back to the hospital.
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"A little in abundance is a lot." Wow.
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Goddammit. Something in my eye. Something really really big.
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Forwarded to everyone I know.
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Thanks so much for posting this.
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Stupid sweet stupidsexyFlanders!

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*tears up the phone book*

lol, jk. Who has a phone book anymore?
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I kept it all together until ericb's links. Jeez Louise. *sniff*
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Aww, this gave me goosebumps. Thanks for posting. I needed a little positivity this morning.
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This is good. Thank you!
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