What the hell? Garth Brooks is playing pro baseball now?
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What the hell? Garth Brooks is playing pro baseball now? Does this mean he has to sing the national anthem at every game?
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I think about the recent trend of musicans crossing over into the world of acting, and vice-versa. Film, television, and popular music are blending more and more, into one big Entertainment industry. MTV has forever blurred the edges of these categories. And I wory that professional sports are getting thrown into the mix. We've seen Rock 'N Jock, we've seen hip hop albums from Shaq and Dion Sanders, we've seen Dennis Rodman in action films, and on his own MTV special--sitting in a bathtub talking about his sense of style and his tatoos. I want my sports to remain sports, and I don't want to see them get lumped with the rest of the entertainment industry into one big Famous People TV-Magazine.

Which isn't to say I don't love Garth Brooks--his music aint so bad, and his episode hosting SNL was the funniest they've had in years. I just hope I don't have to see him swinging a bat in his Chris Gaines getup.
posted by sixfoot6 at 1:19 AM on February 21, 2000

No fears: It's just for show. Basically a fantasy camp for the rich and famous. He did the same thing last spring with the Padres and went 1 for 22.

posted by luke at 2:33 AM on February 21, 2000

Just for show is right. The article said something about him not looking for any special treatment, but the fact of the matter is that Garth Brooks getting to play at all is special treatment. That or he better be an outstanding pitcher to be batting 1 for 22.
posted by howa2396 at 8:54 AM on February 21, 2000

My only question is ... how'd he get that hit?
posted by rafeco at 11:14 AM on February 21, 2000

He offered the pitcher a free cd?
posted by Mark at 12:16 PM on February 21, 2000

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