The history of the experimentalization of life.
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The Virtual Laboratory - A collection of essays, biographies, instruments and trade catalogues (e.g. experiment kit) from between 1830 and 1930. I must warn you that some of the films are a bit disturbing. Check out the eerie sounding vowel experiments in the audio section too.
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Thank you-- there's so much to explore here. Wonderful post.
posted by jokeefe at 8:39 PM on March 2, 2009

Yeah, worth nosing around, definitely. I like the men with 1937-era prosthetic arms. And the story of Sigmund Exner, the buzzards, and the physiology of flying cherubs is odd stuff. Thanks, this is a strange and interesting find.
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Wonderful. Thank you so much. Anyone got more film material from the experimental world?
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Wow! I really set MetaFilter ON FIRE with this post, didn't I. Thank you all jokeefe, mediareport and fcummins for your kind words. I know that this site is most wonderful and interesting, it's a shame that it didn't attract more attention. I guess I need to work on my selling skills.
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Heh, sometimes a post like this just doesn't leave much time for making comments!
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Disturbing films is right! Check out this skeleton eating a cigar over and over again!
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This is really great, thanks.
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no, tellurian, this is fantastic; I love stuff like this. Thanks!
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I have a theory, tellurian, that the best posts sometimes produce the least comments. Don't worry about it. Them that like it, really really like it.
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