Mayonnaise. It's the shmaltz of our lives.
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The latest Mad Men parody... Meshugene Men. (with cameo by Amy Sedaris)
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What was the previous Mad Men parody? Was it The Simpsons, SNL, or...
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Well, that one actor seems to be trying to develop a career path out of playing the satirical "Don Draper". Here's College Humor's take on it.
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And then we have the spoof where we look in on the lives of Gaines, DeBartolo, Drucker, Jaffee and Martin as they romp through 1960s New York in their zeppelin, using buzzwords like potrzebie and axolotl.
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Meh ... Kinda standard American "satire". There's smirks on everyone in those clips. It's pretty self-conscious. It glosses a thin layer of hubris over TV-flavored insecurity. These people are "humor artisans" but they aren't really [i]funny[/i]. Mechanical almost.
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*sigh. Don is still farcholemt.
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I sometimes hate ethnic comedy. It's so narrow-minded, but if it's's funny and that was funny. Ha! Mayonaise. I can't even spell it.
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