So, anyone can get a Nevada carry permit now?
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So, anyone can get a Nevada carry permit now? You'll have to scroll down a bit, so here's the quote: "On Wednesday, May 23, Governor Guinn (R) signed SB 20 and SB 172. SB 20 allows non-residents to apply for a Nevada Right to Carry permit starting October 1, 2001, and SB 172 abolishes the two-gun-per-permit limitation for Nevada Right to Carry permits beginning July 1, 2002, when the state's computer infrastructure is in place. " An article that explains, to some degree, what the law entails. I'm assuming that someone heading to Nevada to wear all his guns would still have to keep them locked up until he got there.
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Guns and gambling. Nevada tries so hard to attract the Yosemite Sams of the world.
posted by pracowity at 1:19 AM on May 30, 2001

There should be (but who knows?) a problem with taking a gun on board a plane. Now that gas prices are plunging, it might be wise to drive a long distance soyou can carry a gun.
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Gas prices are plunging? In what strange wonderland do you live, Postroad? (In the words of Homer Simpson: I meant that. I'm sorry it sounded sarcastic.) Where I live, it's rapidly approaching $2.09 a gallon for the cheap stuff.

Personally, I'm glad this law wasn't in place the last time I was in Reno...I probably would have gotten shot.
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Approximately a third of states already have non-resident permits. Nevada's not really doing anything too unusual here; especially since they currently don't honor any other states' permits. And the two gun limitation is weird.
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Actually, taking a gun aboard an aircraft is perfectly legal - provided it is locked, the ammo is stored in a seperate, locked container, and it is clearly marked and declared upon check-in.
Yes, you have to check it. No guns on carry-on!
This is true of all weapons, even FAL-licensed fully automatic firearms. Furthermore, you can take such weapons through areas where they are proscribed if coming from or going to an airport. So, if I live in the 'burbs of Chicago and I'm flying out of Midway (inside Chicago proper), I can take my handgun to and from the airport legally despite the Chicago city laws - it must be in a locked container, however, and I must be going directly to or from the airport.
Frankly, I don't see what the problem is. Has there been a rash of shootings by citizens who took the time to apply for a weapons permit? I didn't think so.
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When I moved to Seattle about 10 months ago, gas was about $1.80 a gallon. Now it's about $1.60 a gallon. I wouldn't call a twenty-cent drop over ten months a "plunge" but it's definitely dropping...

I know, it's a strange wonderland. That's why I like it here.
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