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The Zine Library has hundreds of zines in pdf format for your perusal. They are organized into categories ranging from the common political (anarchism, political prisoners & animal liberation) and identity based zines (indigenous, race & gender) to the more esoteric (anarchist history, primitivism & theory) as well as the useful (cooking, DIY & organizing manuals) and arty (art, comics & music). Now, zines are by their very nature hit and miss but there are some real treasures to be found. I recommend these three: [all links pdf] The Rebel's Dark Laughter - The Writings of Bruno Filippi, Barefoot in the Kitchen and Delivery from Below, Resistance from Above - Electricity and the Politics of Struggle in Tembisa, South Africa. Note: Many if not most zines are set up to be printed out and bound together in chapbooks. That requires a bit of going back and forth when reading in pdf-format, but they wouldn't be real zines if they were straightforward to read ;) Don't know what a zine is? A pretty good overview is provided by zine librarian Jenna Freedman in Zines Are Not Blogs: A Not Unbiased Analysis. [This site has been posted previously but was buried deep in the weeds of more inside]
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Oh and! Both the Zine Library and Zines Are Not Blogs links via Hampedia.
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Very cool. For Christmas this year, my brother bought me as complete a run as possible of Murder Can Be Fun, which is sadly missing from the site. But hours of fun to be had here. Thanks.
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No Ben is Dead or Bunnyhop. No Duplex Planet or Salt for Slugs. This is what frustrates me about Seth not being able to have Factsheet5 make the leap to the internet. Still, very cool for what they do have.
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This is the kind of post that makes me realize that Metafilter is still worth coming home to. Thanks for this one, Kattullus.

My zine collection is pretty robust personally... will have to see how tricky it is to pdf-ize something these days and contribute.
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Bugger all from Australia. I'll have to see if I can find my copies of Spurt and contribute them.
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Anyone have Panophobia, any volume?
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Yes, Issues 1-5. The University of Iowa.
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Yeah, I'll just drive to Iowa. Anyone have it in a digital format?
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And this is why we need something like the kindle that can read PDF files.
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Nice post.

As someone who makes zines, it makes me very uncomfortable to see no comment on whether the author gets a say in things being scanned and uploaded. I know that publishing something and sending it out into the world means not having control, and I'm not suggesting royalties or anything, but one of the things about personal zines in particular is that sometimes they really need to go out of circulation, because they're either libellous or juvenilia.

Also, for me, I care about print as a medium and have tended to make the binding or 3-dimensionality part of my zines. Nobody gives a shit, I'm sure, that mine aren't in pdf, but there's a good reason for it.

(That said, one of the zines up there - Lugnut #4 - is by a friend and it's great and I hope more people get to read it as a result. And this is all a lot less messy than the selling-someone-else's-zines-for-more-than-shipping debate.)
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The Zine Library has hundreds of zines in pdf format for your perusal.

Hundreds of "radical" zines, as they state just beneath the search box. One person's "radical" is just another person's garden-variety gardening manual, but when you go to the DIY section here, you won't find things on how to install kitchen cabinets, and you will find (under DIY, mind you) Vasectomy Party, which focuses on "how to get painless and free (in Washington State, anyway) vasectomies."
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please oh please oh please let someone post the first six or seven issues of Forced Exposure.
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I love me some zines. Thanks!
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awww no Greedy Bastard! :(
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And this is why we need something like the kindle that can read PDF files.
Like a BeBook?
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