How to get into college
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How to get into college Who needs good grades, hard work, and extra activities! All you need to get into college is determination and a gimmick! Look out Harvard here I come.
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Sweet Jesus, does anyone have a generous bone in their body anymore? This article doesn't even touch on the girl's grades - but I'd venture to guess that if she was put on the wait list and not just rejected outright that she's got pretty good grades. Not to mention the fact that she did have extracurricular activities. If she had been rejected by the college, protested with the sandwich board, and then been accepted, you would have a case, aj100, but as it stands, your post just looks like empty bitterness.
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All I can say is, good for her.

The opportunity to attend college and receive a higher education is a very, very valuable one. To be accepted, in theory, but placed on a wait list would be immensely frustrating. It's clear that she's the type of person who could contribute In Great Quantity to the school - or, at least, do really well there.
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For some reason that sign reminds me of a guy who would wander around Penn pushing a cart, festooned with Fourth of July streamers and American flags, with a sign that read

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Some kid did this a year or two ago at Stanford to attempt to gather public support to get him accepted. I didn't hear anything about it after the initial pub, so I'm assuming it didn't work.
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Xutzpah will get you through times of no doors better than doors will get you through times of no xutzpah.
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Interesting quote, Twang. I had to stop and read it twice to figure out what the hell you were saying. :)
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Stanford's alumni magazine had some pretty good articles about the admission process maybe 1 or 2 years ago. I don't know if they have a website, but generally the feeling from the articles are that these gimmicks don't really work, although they do appreciate the free cookies or brownies.
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Stanford Magazine, March/April 1999: They'll Try Anything.
It's tough to get into Stanford. Eager to stand out from the crowd, applicants have sent cookies, tie-dyed boxer shorts, life preservers and even an oil painting of the admission staff. Just one problem: the publicity stunts don't work.
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