Don't try this at home kids.
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Things that go boom and flash and make pretty colors. DIY fireworks. From the the relatively benign Roman Candle to the fifty foot tall Cremora Fireball. (via Neatorama) previous explosive goodies: Pyroboy, Crump and pyro page
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Those Cremora Fireballs are cool, but these people are thinking too small.

An upgrade path might start like this:

STEP 1: Cut the top off a grain silo......
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All I can say is, if the Intarwebs had existed when I was in high school, I'd probably not have lived to see my senior year.
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"Warning: Safe is a relative term."

(from the Cremora Fireball link)
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"In my day, sonny, we had this thing called books. And one of them was called The Anarchist's Cookbook."
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Skylighter is one of my favorite local companies. I've been a subscriber to Harry's newsletter for a while now.

I became fascinated with thermite a couple years back, and went looking for suppliers for the components I would need. I looked at various companies' websites but kept returning to; eventually, I went to place an order, but found to my dismay that some of the things I wanted were only available for pickup. I checked their location and found that cheap-chemicals is another storefront for Skylighter, and when I looked at Skylighter's phone number, I realized they were less than ten minutes away!

So - I am a closet pyro, and I live ten minutes' drive from Skylighter/

What could possibly go wrong?
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I had a neighbor when I was in high school whose hobby was making fireworks. One day he had an accident-- blew one hand completely off, and was blinded in one eye. The police told my father that there was enough material in his garage that, had it all gone up, it would have destroyed his house and the two next to it. Yup, our house.

So I guess a few things could go wrong.
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