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Explosive art; "weapons" paintings by San Minn are not shown in his native Burma where Rappers, journalists and comedians have discovered a new crime – helping people devastated by cyclone Nargis.

Human rights watch has a dirty list of Companies doing business in Burma with some sucess - over 100 have withdrawn in the last 6 years from a country where business ventures start with the military. Meanwhile Burma / Myanmar mobilises troops along the border and Burma-Bangladesh tensions raise fears of new restrictions.
(Main links from the ever interesting Irrawaddi and via silobreaker).
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Burma VJ
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Explosive art; Cai Guo Qiang.
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Wow. Reading things like this make me feel both angry and powerless. Besides the dirty list, is there anything that can be done?

Also, I have to note that I am bothered by the lack of response to this. But then again, we know Burma is messed up and news like this is all too common and expected. So we note it and move on, we don't mourn these people.

. for all of those who never make it out of those jails.
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Burma and U.S. Policy
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