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The Highlights is an online arts journal. It consists of web-based projects and essays by artists. An example from the current issue, Master of None, where the author posits that a new model of work for artists can exist, one where the artist retains agency while also getting paid to do complementary work which is informed by the subtlety, strangeness, and sure-footed temperament of the artist’s persona. Two years of journals in the archives.

Articles from the archives include:

Reframing Mirrors and Windows, where the author explores Mirrors and Windows, opened at The Museum of Modern Art, New York in July of 1978. It was legendary curator John Szarkowski’s exhibition of American photography in the 1960s and 70s. We begin to understand how the institutional frame of the window evolved and how it might have affected the development of the form of the photograph. It is the hand as well as the eye, the self as well as the other — that distinguishes a mirror artist from a window artist.

Fact, Factoid, Factotum. A distinct class of Web sites has emerged within the past 5 years to package and quantify artists, works of art, and even art mediums into statistics. Researchers take typically insider information — who is the most important artist in the world or whether contemporary or Dutch 18th-century painting is the wiser investment — and crunch the data through internal databases to translate their results into public information.
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Man, Highlights has really changed since I was young.

Kids today....
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As a practicing visual artist, my main response to this website seems to be "whoah, the front page sure does flicker a lot when I resize the window - that's kinda awesome and I wonder if I can find a way to use that in a piece."

(deleted: snarky crack about the obscurantism of "fine art"from my "commercial art" perspective)
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I came in here to make zarq's joke.
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So did I!
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I was gonna go with "Goofus and Gallant both approve!" but I didn't want that to be the first comment.
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I was going to riff on spotting 14 hidden animals, but really, it's all the same joke.

(Sorry, we'll stop the derail now.)
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Goofus: continues the derail
Gallant: says "Great Post, thanks netbros!"
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Mine was, and I suppose still is, because I don't have enough self-control not to:

Gallant names his online arts journal something new and creative.
Goofus names it The Highlights Magazine.
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Hey, that Mirror/Window essay was pretty great. I kinda don't like them defaulting to bold, but whatever.
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