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Coincidental to the publishing of her memoir, Candy Spelling - the widow of legendary television producer Aaron Spelling - is selling her Beverly Hills mansion for $150 million. (Daughter Tori Spelling is not expected to share in the proceeds.)
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Technical Question Which Will Have Zero Bearing On My Life:
Is there a difference between having a memoir vs. having memoirs published? To me it seems it would only imply that the former is a really dumb blond with a shitty memory.
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The video is worth it for when the movie screen rises from the floor. Picture one of those ones you see on Cribs, where a TV rises from the foot of a bed. Then scale that up by a factor of 10 or so.
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Is the spelling mansion still the largest mansion in Hollywood?
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The book cover for her memoir is all kinds of awful. I expect that it holds up about as well as Crazy from the Heat.
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When I was a lad, Mad did a spoof of Dynasty called "Die Nasty"
Even tho its borderline gibberish it always made me chuckle.
Plus you have to give it to them for not just reflexively titling it Blecchnasty.
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Is the spelling mansion still the largest mansion in Hollywood?

This article makes the claim that it's the largest home in all of Los Angeles County.
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There is a son also. Tori was daddy's little girl, and has not been friendly with her mother for a long time. Why do I know these things? Anyway Tori had a show a few years back, So NoTORIous, it was pretty fun to watch. Done in reality telivision style, but was more of a parody of her own life.
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Tori's sTori Telling is probably worth reading, if you're, y'know, a fan. She reads the book-on-CD herself.
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The house is 56,000 square feet! That's like my whole neighborhood! Maybe. I'll have to measure to be sure.
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Tori was daddy's little girl

He didn't leave her much in his will. That is, he didn't leave her much relative to what he had. His estate was worth $500 million. Tori got a cash inheritance payment of $200,000, combined with approximately $600,000 in private investments her dad set up for her. That would be enough to set me up for life, even leaving out Tori's own earnings, which have been considerable by ordinary person standards, but then I'm willing to live simply, something I bet Tori has no conception of. She could run through that in a few months. I've read one of the fights with her mother was about the fact that her mother wouldn't spend more than a million on her wedding (her first wedding, for a marriage that lasted less than two years).

Back in the day when she was on 90210, I remember reading that when she was buying a dress for an event she would buy up all the dresses like it so as to be sure that no one else would show up in the same dress. And she moved from an expensive condo to an insanely expensive hotel suite (I can't remember how much it was a week, but the cost was staggering) because the condo had a kitchen and as Tori put it, "I don't cook. Why should I have to look at a kitchen?"

I've heard stories of her credit cards getting refused because they were over the limit. There's nothing quite as gratifying as watching a spoiled brat get smacked in the face by reality.
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Normally when I don't care about a story I just don't saying anything but in this case I'm going to make an exception to say that I violently with great emotion don't give two shits about these peoples lives.
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This is not the best of the web.
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I sort of liked the last link. It was like Bilbo the movie - but with no story. It had the dragons and dwarfs bit put down pretty accurately though
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"My doll-designing rooms are in the attic, and I store many dolls there that are not on display in my downstairs doll museum.… There are probably some non-necessities, too, but once I'd found stands to hold doll wigs and doll-size hair blowers, how could I resist?"

(Ohhhhh, so that's why they had to invent a #@$% blink tag...)
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Ironically, Tori Spelling is not particularly good at spelling.
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...thee were giants in those days...look at us now!
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Tori Spelling? Don't get me started on Tori Spelling ... well, OK.

I had this contract job back in the late 90s doing audio sweetening on a series of educational DVDs for the Japanese market. Essentially it was a bunch of episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 that were sub-titled, cut up and basically fractionated so Japanese teens could learn conversational English by either watching the show whole (with Japanese sub-titles) or playing individuals scenes to learn phrases like, "Is Brandon down at the Peach Pit?" or "Brenda left for the mall already."

One of the things the company had to watch out for, from a learning perspective, was that all the lines were said correctly, with no mispronunciations, verbal stumbles or the like. Luckily, these were professional actors, so they would say their lines quite clearly.

But not Tori Spelling, oh no.

She was, as Spy Magazine used to commonly refer to her, Aaron Spelling's No Talent Daughter, and she said her lines with the elocution and diction of someone ordering lunch at a drive in; stumbles, pauses, frequent 'ums' & "ahs". But there was one thing she did in great quantity that simply had to go.

In short, Tori Spelling snorts when she talks.

So her lines would come out as "Is Brandon [snort!] down at the Peach Pit? [snort!]" or "Brenda left for the mall already [snort!]" or "Did Dylan [snort!] go surfing down in [snort!] Mexico this weekend?"

And it fell to me, as a professional, to remove each and everyone one of Tori Spelling's snorts, one at a time, and make sure that her lines would come out clear and understandable, lest we have Japanese people running around saying stuff like "Hey chief [snort!]! Let's go down to the restaurant [snort!]."

I know, I know, so I had to take out a few snorts, what's the big deal?

Well, the big deal was this: Depending on the amount of screen time Tori got (and daddy usually made sure she got a LOT of screen time) it could add a substantial amount of time to the production process.

I figured it out, and I spent a grand total of two-and-a-half DAYS doing nothing but removing Tori Spelling's snorts from the audio track from TWO complete episodes.

I spent two-and-a-half days of my fricking life on Tori Spelling ... she owes me, because I can tell you right now that $20 an hour was NOT compensation enough for dealing with her.
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This is not the best of the web.

The largest house in one of the largest American cities is for sale. I think that warrants discussion regardless its previous owners. That place is insanely big.
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Yeah, but in an era where socialites are brown-bagging it out of Hermes, who is going to be so conspicuous as to buy that giant white elephant?
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