Le Piano Graphique music simulator.
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Le Piano Graphique music simulator. A few keystrokes and a bit of Shockwave and -- Voilà! -- you've created a musical/artistic masterpiece.
posted by mgtrott (11 comments total)
this is the absolute coolest thing I've ever seen! I could do this for hours and hours! i think i just did! i wish there was a way to save the songs you made..... perhaps there is and i just really overlooked it! really cool! anyone know of some other music type toys on the net?
posted by Satapher at 10:18 PM on June 4, 2001

I've had lots of fun with modifyme.
posted by jkottke at 10:36 PM on June 4, 2001

The Modular Websynth is a blast, too.
posted by Aaaugh! at 10:57 PM on June 4, 2001

posted by neuroshred at 11:05 PM on June 4, 2001

The only way this site could possibly be any better would be if they allowed people to record, save, and share their mixes. But even without that capability, it's an amazing thing.
posted by mathowie at 11:19 PM on June 4, 2001

Oh wow. I'm glad I didn't find this while I was at work.
posted by frykitty at 11:55 PM on June 4, 2001

Until some sort of record / share capability is developed, we'll always have screenshots.

I dare you to recreate this musical pattern! No, really. It'll be fun. Seriously.

Of course, with just the screenshots and no music, you're kind of missing the fun part of the site.

I knew that I had spent too much time on the site when I realized that I had memorized the keystrokes and was designing rather than playing.
posted by mgtrott at 1:21 AM on June 5, 2001

Matt, just hook up a cassette deck to your soundcard's line out plug. Once you've recorded your composition, record it onto your computer from the cassette deck and turn it into an mp3, burn it onto a cd, whatever. On some sound cards you can connect the line out to the line in and record without going through the cassette deck step, but be careful, because you can get feedback and potentially damage something if you're not set up right...
posted by BGM at 1:54 AM on June 5, 2001

very cool
posted by elle at 2:18 AM on June 5, 2001

VERY fun. But all I really want is an application which transforms the keyboard in my office into a musical keyboard, with a few octives and sound options. Anyone know of such thing? PLEASE!
posted by ParisParamus at 7:38 AM on June 5, 2001

Paris, check out BackToBasics. It might be just what you're looking for.
posted by modge at 10:23 AM on June 5, 2001

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