Papaya...wait, what?
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Papaya is an... indescribable video by Alexander Marcus. Is it satire? Is he even a real person?

More "electro lore" goodness, for the curious.
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At least someone's carrying KLF's torch, if perhaps unintentionally.
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awesome to see Alexander Marcus on here. I've been fascinated with him for a while now!

Next to Papaya, his best song/video is Spiel, Satz und Sieg, which I think is more a piece of dadaistic art then a music video. Like his pained reaction to the hot cup, or the archetypical parents outside who say "Wir müssen Zivilcourage zeigen!" (We have to show civil courage), or Globi, the globus that appears everywhere.

I don't know if it is a certain kind of humour only funny to germans who grew up with cheesy "Schlager" music, but I nearly fell down laughing when I first saw this...
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Most probably ;). There is some more information on Wikipedia:
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hahaha. yeah, i don't think its satire, more like tongue-in-cheek silliness. but it is pretty hilarious. i burst out laughing at the chorus of Papaya for absolutely no reason.
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This is made of 50% pwn, 50% legend, and 50% win. (That's 150%, motherfucker.)

Also, the 808 still rocks.
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Yeah, I have been dying over this for a full 24 hours now. 150%, indeed.
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So, am I now going to die in 7 days or what?
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Señor Coconutty.
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First "Mormon Rap." And now this.

I echo Lipstick Thespian:


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Everyone knows honeydew is the money melon.
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OK, so how did I miss this in 1987?
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His pink pants totally sell it. I want to argue that the music isn't just ironic throwaway kitsch, but is actually secretly awesome.
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its awesomeness is no secret
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Da hilft nur noch Rocko Schamoni
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I'm down with the flu and that cheered me right up. Thanks Unicorn :)
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We can learn from him.
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i don't understand the mystery here, but that was a great fucking music video. i'd love to get a translation of the sped up monologue towards the end of the river bit. the "Danke fur Alles" not was hilarious though, and the dance sequence just raised a lot of fun "how/why did they do it that way" questions. i'll definitely check this guy out more in the future. thanks!
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reading molecicco 's comment, i'm suddenly struck by a strange dilemma, does this guy rip off Pavement more or do I? If the answer is this guy, I'm pretty sure he's doing it better than me.
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The guy sort of looks like me. Therefore, this is ridiculous.
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It's a German thing, you wouldn't understand.
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Wow, he is really getting his money's worth out of that globe.

Thanks, I now know what I'll be for halloween. No one else will get it, but I'll be laughing my ass off every time I pass a mirror and catch a glimpse of my lobster necklace and wet pink pants. Make your own fun, I say.
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You don't understand. This is just catchy and stupid enough to become the next summer mega-hit. I listen to radio a lot at work. This could mean that next summer I have to listen to this song a lot.

Seriously this is just a t&a music video and some serious dj marketing away from becoming a runaway summer hit in Europe. If even that.
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Is there a rubber vagina on the shore... or?
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I paused the video and looked at it for a while, and it looked like it, but I couldn't tell. Probably?

I enjoyed the random duck.
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the Herbert Achternbush of Krautpop videos...
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This video touched my tralalala, my ding ding dong.
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Kind of reminds me of candi hank. kinda.

(ACHTUNG! candi hank is some of the worst/campiest music ever.)
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I really like the world he is living in.
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The lyrics are really great too.
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