Which is your favorite Dead show? Can you even remember? These folks can.
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NYT article 4/12/09 Interesting article about the Dead on the eve of their tour. Bonus: link on the sidebar that shows reader photos. Find your friends. Or not.
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I hate the Grateful Dead and I love this article.
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Having registration required to view makes baby rollbiz cry.
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What a long strange trip it's been.....
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There was a picture of my mom in the print edition and somewhere on the nytimes.com site accompanying this article. She'd won free tickets to two of the three recent Dead shows in NYC, and the picture showed her in the front row looking as happy as I'd ever seen her.
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The Cornell concert referred to in the article as May 8, 1977 can be streamed for free from the Internet Archive, as well as almost every other Dead concert.
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Dude, it's always good to put a [via]. And I know you got this from elsewhere on mefi...
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I have tickets to Shoreline on 5/10. Oh man oh man oh man...
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I've seen them live, I've streamed a bunch of shows, and I listened to that Cornell gig right after the NYT article ran, and it diminishes my warm feelings for the band and their scene not a bit to say they couldn't sing for crap - most of those "harmonies" sound worse than the local dogs yowling when a fire engine races by.
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Whoa -- the Dead visited the Oval Office today, and apparently, Tipper Gore sat in on drums tonight for Sugar Magnolia. (via digaman's Facebook feed)

Verizon Center
Washington, DC
April 14, 2009

1:... Read More
Pride of Cucamonga
Easy Wind>
Lazy River Road
Alabama Getaway>
Big Railroad Blues

Glory Road*
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall*
Ambient Interlude>
Terrifying Feral Space>
Dark Star>
King Solomon's Marbles
(I. Stronger Than Dirt; II. Milkin' the Turkey)>
Rhythm Devils>
Come Together>
Dark Star>
Sugar Magnolia (with Tipper Gore)
E: Uncle John's Band
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Oh dear god just stay retired in peace.
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These rehearsal videos are fun, and I dig Mickey Hart's Touring the Universe of Sound.
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Oh wait, there she is on page 3 of the article, next to the "exultant fan." Hi, Mom!
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Sorry about the snark - I just heard about this very interesting article here first - but I'm sure it was found independently. It's the goddamned NYT, after all, so, what, like half a billion people see it every day?

Sorry, OP.

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My mom was at the 5/8/77 concert. She says the acoustics of the venue were bad enough to render the music unlistenable.
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Well, the acoustics may have been bad but the reason that show sticks out is..., um,... hard to explain. Most listeners know it through tapes, so the acoustics were different, right? I mean, c'mon dude, listen to 5/8/77; pick it up around "Fire on the Mountain" (track 14) and... c'mon dude, c'mon! You hear that?
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Deciding which was the best Grateful Dead show, like, everrr is a little too "best baseball team" (1955 Brooklyn Dodgers) or even "best baseball card" (Satchel Paige, 1949 Leaf, #8).

Like baseball, the Grateful Dead was of course a live experience. No television broadcast of a great baseball game beats being in the stands on a nice summer day for an otherwise unimpressive minor-league game. The ten best torrent downloads of cleaned-up digitizations of cassette dubs of reel-to-reel tapes of Dead shows that happened before you were born all together probably aren't worth the single worst Garcia-era Grateful Dead show anyone ever attended in person (Hubert Humphrey Metrodome, 1986). Nothing beats being there.
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Hey -- I think Technoviking's dad is in that "live experience" Grateful Dead video starting at about 1:03.
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My favorite shows will be 5/1 and 5/2 at the Rectum. Then it will be torn down, a fate it richly deserves.
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mnb64, was Pigpen the brother of a good friend of yours from college?
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I'm surprised nobody gave the headier-than-thou answer to "What's your favorite show?" yet: "The next one."
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My wife and I were out and about in DC yesterday evening, with no awareness at all that there was a Dead show happening. My thought was "Man, I didn't realize there were so many cool people in DC these days." I'm disappointed it was temporary.
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Weir's gotta lose the facial hair. That's all I got.
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I once dropped a gentle hint to a Deadhead that I wasn't sure the music was all that amazing and she blithely tossed her hair and said, "Oh, yeah, I know. I just go for the scene."

Bragging in reverse: I haven't seen the Grateful Dead for forty years.
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think I'm getting a contact buzz off those photos.
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Interesting article about the Dead on the eve of their tour.

I read that description and got really, really excited. Then I realized you weren't talking about a zombie invasion or country-wide possessions. I tried to read the article but I was just too sad.
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