Sixers shock the world,
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Sixers shock the world, or at least this fan with their OT victory last night. I'm glad to see cocky Kobe and his Lakers' perfect playoff record marred somewhat. And I can't believe the Sixers were able to pull it off. Anyone think they have a chance to go all the way now?
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Sixers whaaaaat!!?!!!?!!!?

The Sixers are deeper and harder-working than the Lakers, with 10 times the heart. They want the title way more the Lakers.

All Shaq can do is get his big oafy self underneath the basket and throw it down. If Mutombo can stay out of foul trouble, (and someone else keeps putting Shaq on the line) he'll shut down Shaq and the Sixers will run away with the upset.

If the Sixers win on Friday, the series ain't going back to LA.
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I don't even watch basketball, but caught the game last night and it was a stunningly good time. Shaq is a lug, although I enjoyed the slo-mo replay of defenders literally bouncing off of him. Iverson is small, fast, and coool. Does anyone really want the lakers to win it? I had to go to sleep at overtime (work, etc.) but I was stoked to see that the sixers had taken it.

I think this whole thing prefigures a huge "the east coast is cool again" trend. I'm calling Faith Popcorn now.
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entertaining would be an understatement for last night's game. from shaq dominating dikembe and geiger, to iverson's first half and overtime performance (being nicely guarded by lil' bow wow during the second half), i was absorbed... and i'm not even into basketball ('cep UC bearcats.).
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Are we going to have a new NBA thread every day now?
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Yes, there are people who want the Lakers to win, and I'm one of them. I don't understand the anti-Los Angeles bias. Root for whomever you want, but give both teams the respect they deserve. The Sixers, especially Iverson, played great last night. So did Lue.

If you doubt how much the Lakers want the title, look at the intensity in their faces after every basket. Watch how they spur on their teammates to keep up the momentum. As someone who has won world titles in another sport, I know that's the kind of intensity that's needed to stay in the moment and get into the Zone. That's the kind of intensity needed to keep up with the calibre of teams they've faced.

Halfway through the season, the Lakers didn't want it as much as the Sixers. They thought they were entitled to it. They realized the mistake, came together, went back to basics and rebuilt themselves as a team instead of a bunch of talented individuals. Their win streak, whether or not it leads to a title, is the result of that.

Kobe Bryant took 2000 practice shots a day during the offseason to get to the level he's playing at now. Derek Fisher put in tremendous work to heal his foot, gain back his defensive agility and learn to shoot. The Lakers work hard. So do the Sixers. I'm looking forward to the next three (and hopefully more) games.
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As a Bucks fan, I'm hoping the Sixers will sweep the Lakers. My logic works like this: If the Bucks and Sixers had to go seven games, and the Sixers take the Lakers in four, then the Bucks are better than the Lakers.

Ok, maybe I'm just a little bitter...
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Did you see the look on Shaquille's face after the game? It was like looking at a deer caught in the headlights. After this game, I'm hoping for a classic Laker meltdown. Go sixers.
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disclaimer: I'm really not into sports hero-worship, but...

The story about Kobe Bryant shooting 2000 shots a day (above) during the off-season actually is pretty inspiring. It reminds me of the stuff in David Halberstam's book on Michael Jordan and the way he reinvented his game as he got older. I'm always intrigued by people that are able to strategically reinvent themselves through hard work. And I'm a liberal democrat, dangit!
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Did you see the look on Shaquille's face after the game? It was like looking at a deer caught in the headlights.

Now he knows how the rest of the world felt after Kazaam!
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I am so proud of Allen, Aaron, Eric, Deke, Larry and the rest of the Philly bangers. I was annoyed (more than usual) at the tone of the commentary. Even as the sixers came back from 16 down and then put 15 or so back on top of that, they kept talking like a Laker win was inevitable and about how tough Philly was going to make it for the Lakers to rout them.

Iverson has heart like a bull. Go Philly. This is the season.
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You have all got to be kidding me.

This victory was well-earned, yes, but keep in mind that the Lakers had ten days off, and were a bit rusty in the first half.

I'm surprised anyone could think that Philly has a good chance of winning this series, given that the Lakers SWEPT Sacramento, Portland, and San Antonio. No, actually, they completely dismantled them in a near-flawless display of basketball.

Philly has a spark but they just don't have the talent.
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I belive Iverson's response would go something like this...

"You expect people to bet on the Lakers. There's some broke people out there. I'm just glad nobody bet their life on it. Because they'd definitely be dead right now." Allen Iverson
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The Lakers swept three teams who played great during the regular season but allowed their backs to be broken by the Lakers early in their respective seasons. Philly could have handled Portland, Sacramento or San Antonio as they showed up to the playoffs -- maybe not as dominantly as the Lakers did, maybe not by 30 points a game, but confidently. The team that LA is playing now is nothing like anything they've seen in the postseason.

An aside: Lil' Bow Wow was holding Iverson the entire time! That was some wild defense, admittedly, but c'mon...
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Succa --

The Lakers have more talent, but more talent does not always win in sports. And teams that seemed to be on a roll or have the momentum do not always keep it going. See: Atlanta Braves in 1996 World Series vs. Yankees.
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Of course underdogs sometimes win.

But, let's see who in here would put MONEY on Philly taking the series. Anyone?
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I already have money on it. Not a large sum and I made the bet with a friend in February. Now if you were to ask me if I really thought I would win that bet...
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Seperated at birth: fooljay and geiger?
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I'm surprised anyone could think that Philly has a good chance of winning this series, given that the Lakers SWEPT Sacramento, Portland, and San Antonio. No, actually, they completely dismantled them in a near-flawless display of basketball.

That is exactly why, after a Game One win, many people believe the Sixers have a chance. Keep in mind, this was supposed to be just another sweep for the LA boys. With two straight months of winning behind them and while playing on their home court, the Lakers couldn't shut the Sixers down. Sure, they stalled them in the fourth quarter, but this was supposed to be a cakewalk for Shaq and Kobe and company. Instead, it was a fight to the finish, and a fight that the "better team" couldn't win.
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I'm just trying to figure out what was off-topic about their victory last night.
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There's a great side-story to all of this; LA Times columnist T.J Simer decided to let his Los Angeles hubris light up like an airport yesterday with this little love letter to Philadelphia.

Apart from it's poor presience, it's also managed to get the dander up of most folks in the area that have seen it. I just put together a direct E-mailer on our site, so our local gang can send TJ some kisses.

Are all West-coasters as vain, insane and full of hubris as this guy is, or is he just the king of Laker homers?
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The Lakers will be back (and will not be shut out). Their adjustments during the second half neutralized a lot of the Sixers' attack, and Kobe does not get shut out for two games straight. Phil Jackson is one of the best coaches in the league.

Now that I've said that, I have to say I hope the Sixers kick their butts. I have never been able to stand Shaq, and arrogance deserves its comeuppance. Go Iverson!
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Alright, I admit it, Matt. My name isn't actualy Jay Allen. It's Matt Geiger. Wondering why I haven't been keeping up my blog as much anymore? Yep, you guessed it. The stretch run of the season. I thought for sure that "fooljay" would tip me off...

Jay Allen was actually an amalgamation of many hunky-hip geeks I've known throughout my years. The stories I told on my blog are a composite of those people's lives.

I'm sorry that I deceived you all. I promise it was done with all of the best intentions. I just wanted to write something which would give every geek in the world hope that one day, he might be as great and mighty as Jay Allen.

Oh, and about the gifts, you can forget about me giving them back. It's tough making ends meet on an NBA salary
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San Francisco Story: My friend and I were in Harvey's on Castro last night for a beer after some sushi up the street. We sit down at a table with a nice street view and hear shrieking and screaming and clapping. Looking over, four women are going apeshit over something. Looking up, it's the NBA something or other game between the team with the tall black guys on it versus the team with the tall black guys on it. We grimace. The waiter comes over, notes our looks of disdain, and says, "Sorry about that. The lesbians made me put the game on. We'll watch West Wing later, don't worry."

I love this city.
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wasn't the West Wing on before the game?
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Not on the West Coast SRW, it came on after the game.

And to whomever asked the question about betting on Philly - actually a lot of people here in Vegas put money on Philly simply because the point spread went up 2 points in 2 days, placing the Lakers at the favorite with 12 points. I personally thought the Lakers would win, but I didn't think they would cover the spread. I expected it to be close. So my money, had I placed a bet, would have been on Philly simply because of the spread. A lot of my fellow Lakers fans won money last night even though they bet their money on Philly.
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As a Bucks fan, I'm cheering for the Lakers, though not watching the games. It's one of those shameful "you beat my team, so now I want to see you die a horrid playoff death" things. Of course, mrbula does have a point that if the Sixers win it all, I can pretend the Bucks might have won against the Lakers too.
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I think the Lakers should say thanks to Jordan before each game for retiring and letting them play his game.
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I sent an email to that latimes guy. ha!


Look at the scoreboard:

Phila 107
Lakers 101

Nothing more to say.
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