Women in Photography
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Women in Photography — WIPNYC presents a solo exhibition of work from select photographers every couple weeks so viewers can discover and enjoy the work of female artists. [some nsfw images]
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Fantastic work up there, thanks. The very first entry was a little weak, but every one since then has been fantastic—the Deer Beds, the blunt abstraction… And they knew enough to pick the best images from that woman who doubles herself (Kelli… Something or other, my browser is running too slow to go back and look). I've seen a couple of her shows, and the shtick can get a little masturbatory.

Anybody else seen any great new contemporary women photographers lately?
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The last image by Birthe Piontek seems to be Wolverine as an old man.
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Nice find. Talia Chetrit - these I like.
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Lots of great work here.

I'm very happy to see Tema Stauffer's work highlighted (I took a class of hers at ICP). It's been interesting to see her Binghamton project develop.
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