The LKML Podcast
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Linux kernel hacker Jon Masters has begun recording a daily podcast summarizing the events of the Linux Kernel Mailing List.

This summary fills the gap left by the long-dormant KernelTrap and KernelTraffic newsletters. Indeed, this is only for the most enthusiastic of Linux kernel enthusiasts, although once the next big LKML flamewar comes around, Masters's reading has the potential for much hilarity. (LKML and KernelTrap previously on MeFi)
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LWN is also pretty good, if you actually want to read summaries of the Linux kernel mailing list. At one point, I did.
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My coworker, who is nerdier even than I (or at least younger, with a bigger enthusiasm for nerdiness), was mentioning LKML the other day. Alan Cox and other names I haven't heard in like 10 years came up. I had a warm, fuzzy feeling of being in good hands for some reason.

I should download a few of these podscast just for the nostalgia.
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You people are sick.
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I hear this in my mind as being read by Terri Gross. "Today: Nerds are hell of serious about paravirtu_ops infrastructure in a segment we call 'Now and Xen.'"
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in a segment we call 'Now and Xen.'

We need a "groan" flag.

Also, this is great for insomnia.
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This sounds totally BBC.
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I think I could handle this material as written, but listening to it is awkward & would take some getting used to.

The 5/4 podcast promises help, though, in "decreasing the 'hurts' value."
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Seconding the recommendation for Linux Weekly News. If you're geeky and interested in Linux, it's a great resource.
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I believe Linux's market share just passed 1%
Good luck Microsoft users, Windows 7 is gonna suck!
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This is recorded painfully enough I wonder if there isn't some TTS that could perform better than poor Jon Masters. At least then you can blame the slaughtered surnames on algorithms or something.
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1% marketshare for web-browsing desktops. Counted by CPU it's gotta be more like 20-30%.
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