Wayman Tisdale 1964-2009
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Wayman Tisdale is dead at age 44. The 2nd pick in the 1985 NBA draft, he played for the Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, and the Phoenix Suns. His first love was always music, retiring in 1997 to focus on a successful career as a jazz bassist. He released eight albums and was well sought out as a studio musician.

He discovered he had osteosarcoma after a fall down some stairs uncovered a cyst, which unfortunately resulted in the loss of his leg, and eventually his life.

A very talented guy, he will be missed.
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I didn't know who he was, but damn, 44 is young. Awful.
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Get down on it.

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my mom just sent me a note about this. i went to high school with the guy.

in a school full of obnoxious jocks, wayman was a sweet, polite, nerdy dude.

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He seemed like a real nice person. Talented in more than a couple ways. Hard to dislike him.

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He was on the Phoenix Suns from '94-'97, when I was a young teenage Suns fan. I'm still a basketball fan, but like most people, my unbridled enthusiasm for the sport and my team peaked when I was around 13 to 15 years old.

The Suns players from those years are mythic figures to me, and Tisdale was one of the most unique in a rather odd crew*. Tisdale moved differently than other players--he had a big butt and used his low center of gravity to make room for himself in the paint. And he had this sweet baby hook shot that seemed to come from nowhere. I seem to remember that the Suns' play-by-play guy, Al McCoy, had one of his silly nicknames for Tisdale's hook shot, but I can't remember it right now.

Anyway, I'll miss Wayman.

* the odd crew: the outspoken Charles Barkley, the famous virgin AC Green, the high-sock wearing Elliot Perry, the coke addicted wunderkind Richard Dumas. And of course Thunder Dan Majerle and one of the great underrated point guards, Kevin Johnson. Good times.
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44 is too young, that's just sad.
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one of oklahoma's great native sons.

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few folks can pull off professional athlete and professional musician in one lifetime. way too young.

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A good man who happened to be a good basketball player too. Musician too. He is on my list of the top 25 athletes I would like to have dinner with.

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