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Draw to the music. I have no idea what this is about, but it's kind of pretty. (Music starts instantly once main page loads.)
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At the risk of being booed off the page, I ought to credit @gazbeirne off of twitter.
posted by MrMustard at 5:44 AM on May 21, 2009

Very pretty. Nice animation on the cursor. Thanks.
posted by RussHy at 5:55 AM on May 21, 2009

The constant scrolling made it difficult to draw a bunch of dicks, but I did it anyway.
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Damn, that's pretty.
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I've played it twice so far, and it's as animated when one moves the mouse as when one doesn't (tho you always get the silhoutted man in the hat early in).
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It made me smile when I heard "agua" and the cursor turned into splashing blue water. A woman's legs appeared, and a shadowy guy in a hat, and the kissing red lips was like icing on the cake.

I agree. It *is* pretty!

The voice is lovely, too.

Can anyone translate the song?
posted by misha at 7:05 AM on May 21, 2009

Incredible. I just wish it was possible to zoom out and see what you drew by the end.
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misha: The google translated lyrics are here.

Searching for that led me to this, basically the linked-to website projected onto buildings and controlled by wiimote. It's worth a look.
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Very very cool, thanks for posting this.
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The band behind the music The Pinker Tones have a bit of a thing about visuals/video and a reputation for working with great animators/programmers
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I have no idea what this is about, but it's kind of pretty.
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[this is good]
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In case anyone wanted a translation from a native Spanish speaker, I apologize for the non-poeticness of it, but I tried to just get her point across.

I am from the air, I am from the water
I make tiny little grooves in the melted face of your white-grey hairs.
And I am entering little by little
very tinily in your tickles.
I make myself comfortable, and I make you uncomfortable so you laugh
and I strain* myself in this tangle without calling out, without warning.

I am your air, I am your water.
You drink me, I swallow you
you breath me, I splash you, you drink me
and I entertain myself I play for a bit in your memories
I put them on my skirt
I tear your laments to shreds
I create crazy fantasies
and I confuse your memories with the tip of my kisses

I am from the air, I am from the water
I am from the air, I am from the water
Well they say don't tie me down because I'll escape
in-between your fingers
Impassable, I will convert for you the impossible into the not thought of
and I build from the insecure an improvised future
where 1 and 1 do not make 2
and the rest remain the rest.

*to strain as in the one used in cooking.

That should be about right.
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