October 25 2009 isn't THAT far away...
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It's time to start planning for this year's Thrill The World!

Ever since I saw Jennifer Garner totally save a party doing the Thriller dance, I've wanted to learn it, just in case... Now anyone can learn it!

Callous MeFites might have already seen myriad versions; how many have danced it themselves?

Shake off the dust of the crypt by shaking your bootie. You know you want to... It'll make you feel good.
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Choreographed by Michael Peters (1948-1994).

posted by Joe Beese at 11:48 AM on June 1, 2009

fuck no.
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You smile like the cartoon, tooth for a tooth
You said that irony was the shackles of youth
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The Jennifer Garner video goes from good to bad. It was most awesome in the beginning when the she was feeling the music and doing a dance inspired by how she felt at the moment. Her dance was unique to herself and his her reaction to substances in his body and the music onstage. She was the unbridled celebration brought to life by dance.

Mark Ruffalo came to mock Jennifer's movements with his own superior sobriety/attitudes. His inability to do what she was able to do was a direct result of his failure to understand the moment that she was experiencing. Yet, as he was the first on the scene after the initial dance he was able to learn a bastardized version of the dance which was more understandable to him and his onlooking friends. Without him being a tastemaker, there would be no sheep.

The sheep, unaware of the awesome which started it all, crash the floodgates and proceed to do their common dance without a care or thought to the original celebration. They are merely demonstrating that they knew to run to where other people are in a desperate attempt to look cool to themselves and for the camera. Yet the sheep will never be as cool, in their own minds, as Jennifer and Mark. The resulting unlearned vain mish-mash is truly pathetic, for it is much too far removed from the original awesomeness of Jennifer's dance.


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You have to admit it was cool when Gollum showed up.
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worst. thriller. ever.
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It's gonna be a thrilla, a killa an' a chilla with a gorilla in Manila.
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