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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is made up of Chicago Jazz man Phil Cohran's 8 sons on horns and an (unrelated) drummer. The band sold 300,000 units of their first CD while playing on the streets, which they followed with a second home-made album and a live album.

They have since preformed their tight, up-tempo, rhythm driven jazz with Mos Def with whom they have a project in the works, and Erykah Badu. They have turned down contracts with Def Jam and Atlantic, but released a self-titled album as well as a number of singles on vinyl on Honest Jon's records. Their now out of print albums have sell for a significant premium on eBay, but their main releases are all available to download on both Amazon and iTunes. They were also the subject of a recent profile in The New Yorker.

A few YouTube links: 1 2 3a 3b 3c
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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is pretty damn great. Weirdly enough* Honest Jon's (the label) was largely financed by Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz fame. Here's a Village Voice article about the label.

* Pretty much any statement about Damon Albarn can start with the words "weirdly enough."
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"Mr Amal Hubert"

I had to stare at that name for a good five seconds before I realized it did not say what I thought it said.
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This is great. Reminds me a lot of trombone shout bands such as DC's own Madison's Lively Stones.
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"Honest Jon's (the label) was largely financed by Damon Albarn"

as you'll well know if you go through all the links before commenting unlike me

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Those guys are great- they play in NYC's subways and sell CDs. Worth grabbin!
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The Phil Cohran reissues that came out last year are amazing. I highly recommend them.

Someone turned me on to Extra Action Marching Band recently, which are closer to burlesque, but still just great big band music also.
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Hot damn, that stuff is funky. Reminds me of Rebirth, but smoother, slicker, at least on the latest (eponymous) album. Which you must get. Especially listen to Sankofa. Go download that track on itunes right now. Then you'll be able to complete the album.
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Thank you. I really needed something this awesome.
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The band sold 300,000 units of their first CD while playing on the streets

On first glance I thought this was going to be about a band that hypnotized passers-by, but this is probably better.
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All hail the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble!
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they are very awesome. funny enough, five minuted before i read this post, i just found two CD's i bought from them this summer, and got really excited!

i have so many favorite tracks!
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It's always a good day when I'm heading home from union square and these guys are playing, by far my favorite street performers.
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