Inside the White House
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I tried to watch the part about the White House in 1952, but didn't get past the ad for Applebee's Steakhouse Burger.
posted by jayder at 7:47 PM on June 9, 2009

I tried to watch the part about the White House in 1952, but saw the word "OBAMA" at the top of the page and closed the tab.
posted by youarenothere at 9:34 PM on June 9, 2009

Not snarking by the way, just truly taken by surprise. Excited to loop back and watch the whole series when I get a chance. Thanks for the post!
posted by youarenothere at 9:38 PM on June 9, 2009

Youarenothere, it's a 15 second commercial for each hour-long program, and they are quite interesting, maybe you should give it another try...
posted by banishedimmortal at 9:38 PM on June 9, 2009

Heh. That was neat.
posted by iamkimiam at 10:04 PM on June 9, 2009

I remember watching all of these (back thru 71 when they happened, because I am old, ugh). But I think Bryan Williams really takes the prize on smug sycophancy. It made the latest version pretty much unwatchable.

Very interesting post, but needed some sort of guideline--"ignore the Obama banner", as I had the same problem-- Hey this is the Obama link, where's 1981? Noobs and olds (sadly I am both) are going to have this reaction.
posted by nax at 4:06 AM on June 10, 2009

The narrator for the Obama day doesn't stop talking! And fixing up lights and bringing in 30 people isn't going to help people act natural. Damn! I could watch this for hours... if it actually showed more of what went on.
posted by RufusW at 5:48 AM on June 10, 2009

I'm neither noob nor old and I was also confused by Obama's name appearing in huge text when I clicked the 1993 link.
posted by autodidact at 6:48 AM on June 10, 2009 [1 favorite]

Why are some confused [or upset] by Obama's name being at the top of the page? First, the feature video is Obama in the White House. And these others are simply links to the main video, which one can watch for comparison. Second, you have the choice to open the video screens full screen and see only the videos.
posted by Rashomon at 2:21 PM on June 10, 2009

Rashomon, it's the way the post is set up. You click on each date and think you'll get something different, but it links to the same page every time, just scrolled down to the new video. That's all. A little subtle. No biggie, we all figured it out eventually. And it's wonderful to see all of these side by side. A great journey both through different 1st families and through how the news media views and frames them. Kudos to NBC for the site and the OP for finding and linking it.
posted by nax at 1:07 PM on June 11, 2009

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