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DrumChuk: "A customizable Ruby-based MIDI drum controller for the Wii remote and nunchuk on OS X." The code, and more about the project, can be found at github.
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Bruce Lee would be proud!
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Neat, but you could do the same thing and more really easily in Max/MSP, and there are much neater things being done with WiiMotes. Worth checking out if you haven't got/don't know how to use Max/MSP, PD, SuperCollider, ChucK, etc.
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disclaimer: I know nothing about this product. It may well be the best thing since the bass drum pedal. But, hey, that "DumbFuck", it just popped into my head, straightaway. I can't help it.
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This is exciting, and I hope someone releases a MAX or PD implementation.
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Up next, Shuriken Hero!
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He should toss in the Wii-Fit pad to get the kick drum in there too.
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That actually might be really useful for sequencing drums. Okay, maybe not "really" useful. But useful.
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Cool. Seems really complicated to configure though, for a non-code nerd.
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