The Success of Development
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Innovation, Ideas and the Global Standard of Living by Charles Kenny: "The Success of Development acts like a sword through many of the Gordian knots plaguing the development community, especially those surrounding the rate of economic growth in many developing countries. Put that question to one side, says Kenny, and suddenly a lot of much more interesting questions, about issues like education and healthcare and clean water and human rights, come into a lot more focus. And if you use those metrics, rather than GDP growth, to judge the success or failure of developing countries, then things look rather more optimistic than you might think." (pdf) Glenn Hubbard's review, cf. Technological Creativity and Economic Progress posted by kliuless (2 comments total) 12 users marked this as a favorite
Hubbard's critiques seem to come from the same neo-liberal tautology of endorsing decreased regulation of business as both the means and the end of development. Is there more that I'm missing?
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I do not understand these complex issues thoroughly enough to comment properly, but it's all really interesting, so thanks for the well contruscted post.
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