The amazing saga of Nosepilot continues
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The amazing saga of Nosepilot continues -- Discussed here previously, the story behind the story of nosepilot is nearly as compelling as the animation itself. It has everything: Flash, viral content, independent authoring, bad customer service, how web hosts suck, hack threats, falsified documents, and more.
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I've been following this thing since the beginning. Al Sacui has compiled an amazing amount of 'evidence' all of which can be seen on To get the whole story, read through all of his logs. This has been going on for quite a while, and I've been addicted to the ongoing saga.

As a result, I'm much more concious of who I trust on the web.

On a side note, I've donated nearly a hunderd dollars to Al through Paypal. The 'cat animation' is stunning and i've watched it so many times, I felt obligated to contribute something towards it. Something as special as that is worth it. I'd encourage you all to do the same.
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Here's a link to that works.
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The harassment of Great Jones Street mentioned in the Streamingmedia article is simply amazing. Kelly Abott made an announcement at ALA about volunteering to host nosepilot, and kindly offered to do the same for other sites in trouble.

More at Zeldman...
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While I think that what GISOL did was scummy, does anyone really think that any company can stay in business offering unlimited bandwidth and hosting for only $7.95 per month?
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My site is hosted by Doteasy, which offers 20 MB of space (and unlimited POP3 accounts) with unlimited for bandwidth for free. (Although if you registered your domain name with a different company, you have to pay them $35 for the transfer.) I hope they stay in business -- they've provided a beautiful service thus far...
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Steven: (from, where Al Sacui researches such things)
Although advertises "Unlimited Bandwidth" in regards are several limitations applied.

Al uncovers a number of really questionable instances of fine print where hosting services are using definitions of "unlimited" that one wouldn't usually associate with that particular word.

From tweebiscuit's link:
Our service is made possible by sponsors who place ads in our daily newsletter which Doteasy members must agree to receive. Members have the option of reading this email at their convenience.

I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again: *That* is without doubt the dumbest dotcom business plan I've ever heard. I'd be pretty diligent with site backups if I were you, twee.

Last one over to f* is a rotten egg!
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[Drift: Doteasy is decent. I've gotten exactly one of their so-called newsletters since signing up in September or so. FTP connections are sometimes glacially slow, but that's the only prob I've had.] Will they stay afloat? Don't think so. Enjoy it now.
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